The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

It’s almost April which means the A to Z Blogging Challenge is almost upon us. This will be my third year of doing the challenge and I think I’m even more prepared than usual. For those of you who have never heard of it, the challenge involves writing a post everyday of April, except Sundays, going through the alphabet for each post.

My first year, 2016, I didn’t have a theme and just winged it through the month and it became quite stressful by the end. Last year I had a theme and had actually written some of my posts before the month started – 2017 was all about the Scottish Highlands. This year I’m hoping to have all my posts written so that all I have to do is post them and then spend my time visiting other participants blogs.

Now for this years theme, which I ‘ve debated over for ages, and really it could only be one thing for us, and that’s romance!!

I’ve been married to my best friend for over eighteen years and a really important part of those years has been keeping romance alive in our marriage, so I thought I would share some thoughts through April in the A to Z of romance and dating for married couples. 
I hope you come along for the ride, and if you have any really great date ideas I’d love for you to share them with us. 
Until then, have a really lovely day.
Pamela & Ken

10 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

  1. Pamela,First let me say, thanks for checking out my THEME REVEAL yesterday, dear friend.Now on to yours….I think this is a fabulous theme. I think we all can use pointers on how to keep romance alive in our marriage, especially after so much time has passed which I feel is ever bit as important as it is in the early days of a relationship. I think this is wonderful and I'm excited to check in every day next month to see what you have to share. Have an awesome week!


  2. Welcome back to another April A to Z. Romance is a popular topic that interests most people to some degree. You probably can offer some good advice considering your track record.Thanks for joining us again and sharing your theme.Arlee BirdTossing It Out


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