Top Ten Thursday – Scavenger Hunt

This week for top ten Tamara (Part-time Working Hockey Mom) had us doing a scavenger hunt. We shot the following items / situations :
  1. barrel
  2. crochet
  3. empty space
  4. snacks
  5. beads
  6. chalkboard
  7. success
  8. umbrella
  9. fuzzy
  10. blogger 

and are completing them with captions or a short story now. Here are my interpretations of the above:

1. Barrel – this one wasn’t at all difficult to find as being in the Whiskey land of Scotland it’s a bit of a theme wherever you go. This barrel table is in a lovely cafe in Nairn where we live. It’s a really nice space to go and have a coffee or a meal, or in the evening go for a nice glass of wine.

2. Crochet – I failed to find anything crochet to take a picture of so I’ve reached into my archives for this lovely crochet blanket. One of my work colleagues gave it to me as a joke secret santa present as we had loads of them where I worked at the time. She thought I would hate it, but it made the best cat blanket.

Muffin Monster chilling in the sun

3. Empty Space –  we recently visited a Medieval Churchyard where there was an empty stone coffin and before I know it my beloved decided to try it for size.

4. Snacks – today at work I had an extremely unhealthy snack, crisps. Sometimes they’re just the perfect thing to eat.

5. Beads – when we moved to the highlands I didn’t pack my beads very well and somehow they managed to get tangled very badly, and remain so as I refuse to cut anything. Every now and then I attempt to untangle them and hopefully soon it will miraculously happen.

6. Chalkboard – this is the other thing that I failed to find this week, so it’s another one from the archives. This chalkboard sits outside a pub in Inverness and what’s written on it really amused me so I took a photo when we were walking past.

7. Success – the building that I work in has won several architectural awards over the years, and this cute little dude was when the building was commended in the copper in architecture awards 2012. He sits on the mantelpiece in work’s big lounge room.

8. Umbrella – I love how bright and colourful these umbrellas are, but here’s the thing, I never see anyone using such bright ones here in the highlands. I think one of the reasons is that there is rarely a day here that there isn’t strong wind with the rain so umbrellas tend to end up inside out, so it would be silly to spend loads of money on one.

9. Fuzzy – I love this throw and matching pillow that I bought very cheaply. It was not just the colours that attracted me but also the lovely fuzzy softness of them. I love the feel of soft fuzzy or velvety things. So much so that today my friend had a velvet belt on and I sat next to her stroking the side of her belt (yes, I am a very weird person).

10. Blogger – This is my beloved who is such an important part of this blog, and whilst he doesn’t actually write the posts, he gives me lots of ideas and photos. I’m already driving him mad with discussions about what theme we’re going to have for this years A to Z challenge in April.

There you have it, a completed scavenger hunt with only two slight cheats. Before you go, hop over to Tamara’s Blog to see how my fellow bloggers faired with their scavenger hunts.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and enjoy all the little moments this week.

Pamela & Ken

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Scavenger Hunt

  1. Nice job, Pam, and so interesting that the barrel was the easiest for you and the hardest for me. I guess location matters ;-)Great quote on the blackboard and good luck detangling the beads!No comment on testing the empty stone coffin..!?!?


  2. Very well done. I love how much you love your hubby. I can so relate. I'm guessing we both think our husbands are the very best ever.Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥


  3. Your muffin monster looks just like my midnight! Congrats on your award, it looks very artistic too! Your beloved looks much warmer and more comfy in the window seat than out in the snowy coffin. Although that pic looked interesting as I've never seen a stone coffin before, just tombs. Enjoyed the photos with the prompts.


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