Our Family Christmas Pudding

Today I thought I would share with you the yummiest Christmas pudding recipe that I’ve been eating since I was a child. We simply call it mum’s plum pudding (even thought it hasn’t got plums in it). It’s so simple to make and just takes a few hours to cook.

Here’s the recipe for you.

And here’s how it looks as you’re making it. Just to say, the tea strength is up to you – I made my tea slightly stronger this year and it turned out really nice.

The easiest way to pour it into the cloth is to drape the cloth over another bowl and tie with a really strong string.

You need a large pot to boil it in for four hours, and make sure you check it every half hour or so to make sure there is still enough water in it. Boil the kettle and fill it up from that so that you don’t cool the water down.

A really good tip for when you’re tying the cloth closed with your string is to make sure you leave a long length so that you can hang it up afterwards. Once cooked they can be hung in a cool, dry place until ready to be eaten.

Here’s my beloved on Christmas day removing the pudding from it’s cloth – warning, it does tend to stick. If you dunk the cloth in hot water before cooking, wring it out and then line it with flour it doesn’t stick quite as badly as it can.

It’s not the prettiest looking pudding but I promise you, covered with lots of cream or custard, it tastes amazing.

My mum even made me a pudding for my birthday one year and there is a picture somewhere of me with a pudding with candles in it.

I hope you give this recipe a try one day and I know you will enjoy it. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and make yourself something you love to eat this week.

Pamela & Ken

8 thoughts on “Our Family Christmas Pudding

  1. Hi Pam and Ken – looks really good and fabulous to have your mother's recipe. Christmas pud seems to have gone out of fashion … but once in a while it is delicious … especially with brandy butter, or preferably Cornish cream = not available out here … cheers Hilary


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