Snowy Antiques in the Highlands

This week we’ve had my beloved’s big brother staying with us and today we went to explore Antiques and Salvage at Daviot which is just outside Inverness. When we awoke this morning it was to discover that quite a lot of the land was covered with snow – we weren’t, but it was still snowing lightly. When we reached Daviot, less than twenty miles away, we entered a winter wonderland.

As we entered the yard for the antiques place we were met by this very majestic gentleman – I bet he’s freezing under all that snow.

This treasure trove was established in 1973 and I think some of the things have been there since then.

There are several sheds full of antiques and outside there are all sorts of salvage goodies and totally bizarre things as well. As you can see the snow made everything look a little magical.

Nice archway leading to their garden, and an old red telephone box.

 Amongst all the ‘stuff’ there were quite a few metal eagles,

and pushbikes.

We found this bear in the shed that would look perfect in the corner of the living room – we only need a spare £5000!! The Phrenology head is actually something I would love to have somewhere in the house – maybe on the landing of the stairs for people to see as they go up and down.

Phrenology was popular in the mid 1800’s and was developed by the physician Franz Joseph Gall. He believed that the brain was the same shape as our heads and that the bumps and indentations on our heads matched emotions and personality attributes. I just love how quirky they are.

 A shelf full of character jugs – some people would call these Toby jugs, but they haven’t got bodies and that’s what a Toby jug has.

Cute metal pig. If you had a big garden there are lots of things that you could buy to hide around your space.

Loved these two buddha heads.

Beautiful old cart wheels – I can think of loads of upcycle projects I could do with those.

We haven’t done this for a while, put my beloved in a silly hat. Here he is looking very distinguished in his bowler hat.

Last two photos are the most bizarre thing I found and the prettiest thing. The bizarre, on the left, is an operating room light. I can’t imagine who is going to buy that, but I know they also provide objects for tv/film sets so maybe that’s where it will go. The pretty is the lovely colourful glass window – so beautiful.

By the time we finished looking around I couldn’t feel my toes anymore so our next stop was a local garden centre for coffee and cake and to warm up. I had a very scrummy piece of banoffee indulgence.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to the antiques and salvage place, and hope you’re enjoying yourself whatever you’re up to in this time between Christmas and the dawning of the new year.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and we hope that you’ve had a really lovely Christmas.

Pamela & Ken

4 thoughts on “Snowy Antiques in the Highlands

  1. I love antiques but have reached the point where I now need to be the seller, not the buyer. The phone box would be great in the garden, especially if painted blue. I have a buddha in the garden whose head has fallen off. I need to glue it back on to the body.


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