Top Ten Thursday – Christmas Song Back Story

This week’s top ten is a little different and I’ll let Tamara, our challenge host from Part-time Working Hockey Mom, explain;

“….choose one of your top ten Christmas songs (if you participated last year) or just pick one you like and create a back story.….We want to hear about the characters in that song, and especially all the fun they had last year! Your story is only supposed to contain ten sentences.”

I did participate last year and you can read my list of Top Ten Christmas Songs which included a sneaky addition which isn’t a Christmas song. It’s Peter Cetera and Cher singing After All which was our first dance at our December wedding (that’s how it made it onto the list). Here’s the song so that you can relate my story to the lyrics.

Here’s what I think is happening in this song:

1. One soul, divided at birth and assigned to two mere mortals who would go through their lives knowing that something was missing but never knowing what. 
2. Watching others fall into relationships or finding a special someone, but preferring to live in solitude rather than settle for less than what their soul knew was out there, somewhere in the world, waiting.
3. Then one day, their eyes met across a crowded room (cliched I know, but that’s what happened) and it was like everything in the world was suddenly real. 
4.The souls rejoiced as they recognised each other instantly, but the mortals, they took slightly longer to reach the conclusion that they were meant to be together. 
5. Dating had to happen. 
6. Learning each others hearts had to happen, 
7. Through it all the two halves of one soul waited patiently for the moment they would be one again.
8. Finally it happened.
9. After all the years of waiting.
10. Their hands touched, their souls connected, and forever started in that magical moment.


What do you think? Do you ever imagine the story behind your favourite songs? Before you go, make sure you visit Tamara’s blog, Part-time Working Hockey Mom and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a week filled with calm and peace.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Princess Cookie Cat has gone to the dentist so thought I should include a picture of her.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Christmas Song Back Story

  1. the song is kind of sappy but strangely, I sort of like it just like all the sappy souls. the back story sounds good & it makes sense. have a lovely holiday.


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