Saturday, Masquerading as Friday, with the fill-ins.

It’s Saturday (Friday sort of slipped by rather rapidly) so it’s past time for the friendly fill ins which are set by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen at The words in purple are the prompts that are provided and then the rest is me.

1. The best part of last week was a really wonderful night out with my work colleagues. I work in a fabulously supportive team and it was really nice to go out and just laugh a lot.

Our whole team together (and yes my dress does have Christmas trees all over it)
2. The worst part of last week was being told by the vet that Princess Cookie Cat had lost a kilo in the last year and had at least one dodgy tooth. I felt like such a bad mother – yes I thought she might have lost a little bit of weight, but not that much, and I hadn’t noticed her tooth.

3. Doing something with all my sea glass is a Winter project that I will be working on. Think I would like to try doing a mosaic with them, or sun catchers for when the sun comes back.

4. A holiday gift that I always buy for someone is a book for my beloved. He doesn’t like fiction books so the challenge is to find biographies or factual books that will grab his attention and keep him hooked. I’m hoping he likes the one I’ve bought him for this year.

There you have my belated answers to the fill-ins. Before you go why don’t you pop over to Annie’s or Ellen’s blogs to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for their answers.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and hope your week has only good things in it.

Pamela & Ken

8 thoughts on “Saturday, Masquerading as Friday, with the fill-ins.

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Sea glass is so pretty, I like the suncatcher idea. I am sorry Princess Cookie has a bad tooth and has lost some weight 😦 You are a good kitty mom to take her to the vet and she is very loved.


  2. That is wonderful that you went out for fun with friends from work. Nice dress, too!Books make great gifts! I am an avid reader. I hope that Cookie will be okay. 2 pounds /1 kilo is a lot. Is the tooth the reason for the weight loss? Prayers for a fast, painless recovery! HUGS!


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