Top Ten Thursday – Childhood Sweets

This week Tamara, at Part-time Working Hockey Mom, had asked us to list our favourite Halloween candy as children. We didn’t do Halloween but here is my top ten of my favourite sweets growing up. I have to say that this post is going to make me really homesick as I can’t buy any of these in the shops here.

1. Definite number one is Violet Crumble.This is a fine honeycomb covered in milk chocolate – so delicious

2. Clinkers. Chocolate covered candy in different colours where you never know what colour you’re going to get.

3. Musk Sticks. These are soft candy sticks that taste like musk – I know, that sounds disgusting but they are surprisingly addictive.

4. Chokito. A layer of caramel fudge surrounded by rice krispies and chocolate. Super sweet so the sugar rush is quite epic – it’s one of the few chocolate bars that actually make my teeth ache it’s so sweet.

5. Cobbers. A hard caramel covered in chocolate that would get stuck in your teeth and was probably hated by dentists the world over.

6. Wizz Fizz. A paper bag full of sherbert powder with a little pink shovel for eating it with. I always ended up getting white powder all over the place.

7. Caramello Koala. Chocolate, shaped like a koala, and filled with caramel – what more could you want.

8. Cherry Ripe. Cherries, coconut, and rich dark chocolate – so delicious.

9. Jelly Beans (but they have to be Allens). These are a real taste of childhood and even though I now prefer the more exotic flavoured jelly beans that are on the market, nothing can beat the black ones in an Allens bag.

10. Bananas. A yellow banana shaped sweet that has a sugary banana flavour – I used to love buying these in my mixed sweets from the shop near my primary school.

I’m craving sweets now so if anyone in Australia wants to send me a care package then I really wouldn’t mind. What were your favourite sweets growing up? Before you go, pop over to Tamara’s blog, Part-time Working Hockey Mom and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and treat yourself to your favourite piece of candy this week.

Pamela & Ken

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Childhood Sweets

  1. So interesting! Candy from Down Under 🙂 The only two I know are Chokito and Jelly Beans. The one treat I was expecting you to list isn't there: Tim Tams?I do hope somebody from back home gets the hint and hooks you up with some sweets!Aren't there any Aussie specialties shops in Scotland?


  2. If we do a top ten of buiscuits then Tim Tams would definitely be on that list. There used to be an Aussie/Kiwi/Canada/South Africa shop in London that I would visit every few months until it closed down, and there aren't any others in the UK that I know of. There are online ones but the prices are ridiculous.Maybe in my Christmas presents I might get a surprise.


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