Top Ten Thursday: Decisions

Today’s top ten Thursday is all about decisions – the regular everyday ones and the huge life changing ones. Thank you to Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Momย for setting the theme. I’m not always the best at making decisions, and can ruminate over things for ages.

1. Clothes: I’ve never been very good at deciding what I’m going to wear to work each day and no matter how many times I tell myself I should get them ready the night before I always find myself standing in front of my wardrobe in the morning debating my choices (and yelling out to Ken to see if certain items are in the wash or not).

2. Coffee: Now this may seem like a foregone conclusion, but I still go through the decision making process when I have a coffee. It goes a bit like this; shall I have a coffee? yes, yes I should have a coffee – decision made.

3. Politics: Another thing that I sometimes struggle with making a decision about. I’m usually pretty clear in my mind who I definitely won’t be voting for so the person or party I vote for is usually decided by a process of elimination.

4. Holidays: this decision is about whether we holiday in this country or abroad. If it’s this country do we take Bramble Jelly with us or leave her with someone? By the time we come to a decision it’s usually so near to our holiday time that we can get a good late deal.

5. Films: My beloved and I haven’t been to the pictures for ages as usually we can’t decide what to see and don’t very often want to see the same thing. This meant that flying to and from Australia gave us the chance to still be together but watch films that we wanted to watch – Ken watching moody serious films, and me having a monster/disaster film festival of my own.

I had an interesting discussion with someone recently about whether or not we do actually have any choice in life or if it’s just an illusion. We’re all just walking a straight path and it’s when we look at the past that we think we could have made different decisions and then our lives would have been different.

6. Nursing: going by the above thought, it could be said that when I decided to be a nurse at age seven, that was when my life was set on a path to my beloved, because if I hadn’t been a nurse then we wouldn’t have met – or would we?

7. Meat Free: the decision to give up meat when it happened was quite easy and yet it had been in my head for years. I used to say to people that I’d be a vegetarian except I would miss chicken too much, or I’d miss bacon. I made the decision in May 2016 and not once since then have I missed either type of meat – makes me wish I’d done this earlier in life.

8. Shopping: sometimes when I go into the supermarket and Ken stays in the car I’m sure he often thinks he should send in a search party as big supermarkets totally bamboozle me and I end up wandering around for ages, backtracking on myself as I forget to get things and then forget where they are in the aisles, and have little debates with myself about what to buy. They basically turn me into the most indecisive person in the world.

9. Marriage: probably the easiest decision I’ve ever made was saying yes to my beloved’s marriage proposal.

10. Love: here’s a decision that I believe we have no control over whatsoever, our heart and soul decide who is for them and all we can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

Are you good at making decisions? Do you think that life is planned out for us or do you believe in destiny?

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and treat yourself this week to something nice.

Pamela & Ken

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday: Decisions

  1. Coffee fits on pretty much every list doesn't it, Pamela? Fall Food, To-do list (have coffeee – check, achievement!), decisions, it's just perfect :-)This is an intersting debate: fate or coincidence. I haven't made up my mind. Some things seem so random, and yet – maybe they were supposed to be?Thanks for linking up, happy Friday!


  2. When I got my last job and after I had been there awhile, one of my staff commented on how different I was from their former boss because I was always able to make a decision about something when asked. The former person could never make up her mind apparently. And yet, she moved on to bigger things. Go figure.


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