Cars Galore at Grantown on Spey’s Motormania

Last weekend was a visit to Thunder in the Glens and the enjoyment of Harley Davidsons. This weekend it was vehicles of the four wheeled variety at Grantown on Spey Motormania. Thankfully it was a lovely day so we headed out and of course we stopped at a coffeeshop on the way – the Dava Schoolhouse where they have a Cairngorm Leaf and Bean cafe with speciality coffees and scrummy cakes.

Ken had Russian Earl Grey and there were very interesting things floating around in the tea mix.

For Motormania they shut down the town of Grantown with the cars lining the main street through the town. It was crazy busy this year with loads of cars for my beloved to enjoy and people enjoying the atmosphere. To get from the carpark (in a paddock) to the main street you can walk, or you can take a journey on a vintage Macbraynes bus – of course we took the bus so that we can tell Ken’s bus mad brother that we were on one of his favourite buses.

 The day is a mixture of vintage and the more modern cars – here’s a selection of cars that caught my attention (the mini because of the awful colour it is).

Amongst all the cars there was also a few campervans with this one being the nicest – I could just picture the two of us heading off for a weekend in this.

I have been reliably informed by my motor expert (Ken) that the below car is a Subaru, but what is most important is that the engine has been accessorised with pink!! Plus there are also parts that have been covered with day of the dead artwork – it’s so fabulous.

Continuing on the pink/purple theme, here is a lovely Morris Minor in lilac.

And then there was this escort with the engine accessorised in purple.

Another selection of the cars that were there – my favourite of these was the little red bubble car whilst Ken’s was the one in the top righthand corner (I don’t know what it is, just that it’s old).

Lots of dogs had been dragged out into the mayhem (we left Bramble Jelly at home) and there were all shapes and sizes. One of the stalls was for Husky Rescue and it was lovely meeting the Huskies – this one had the most beautiful blue eyes. The Golden Retriever was on the back of one of the trucks and looked like he’d be lovely to cuddle.

Interesting sticker on one of the old cars – I’ve always thought my beloved had a strange obsession with vintage cars so maybe this explains it.

This a Trabant, a car manufactured in East Germany and another of Ken’s favourites – the photo below this one is Ken sitting in one when we were in Budapest a few years ago.

After that very old car that is probably held together with gaffa tape, here’s a couple of very modern creations – the first one looks like something out of a science fiction film.

Part way down the street we made a slight detour to Inverallan Church which is set back behind the main street. It’s a beautiful church and I really loved the window as sometimes seeing nature through the glass is just as lovely as stained glass. It reminds me of an episode of the Vicar of Dibley where their church window was broken in a storm and in the end they replaced it with plain glass.

Amongst all the cars there were also a few motorbikes, both vintage and modern. This bike and sidecar look like they should be travelling across a desert somewhere on some huge adventure.

This is a vintage AA Road Assist bike and sidecar with all the bits in the sidecar that were needed to help broken down cars.

Very sleek bike with a beautiful paint job – if you look closely you can see a horse painted on the fuel tank.

 My beloved drooling over a Ford Anglia (at this point he’s rattling off more details about the car but it all sounds like a foreign language to me).

This was the entertainment area that had several different bands/choirs throughout the day – this was a jazz band.

Two of the trucks that were there – Ken would like the blue one and I can see it’s benefits, we could drive off somewhere romantic and sleep in the back under the stars.

I’m going to say that this is a Citroen 2CV and check with Ken when he comes back in the room (he’s back and I was correct which is slightly worrying as I’m obviously absorbing car information by osmosis).

On the backseat was this beautiful greyhound – I’d spotted her earlier in the day and she is grace personified. Before you worry about her, the roof on the car was open so she wouldn’t get too hot and she was sound asleep until I started talking to her.

One of the only negatives of going to a vintage car festival is that if you leave too late in the day you are bound to get stuck behind a car that can only go about 30 miles an hour (please ignore our dirty windscreen).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to Motormania and if you’re a petrol head then it’s definitely worth a visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and do something nice for yourself this week.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Recent pictures of the brats as they haven’t featured in our posts lately.

2 thoughts on “Cars Galore at Grantown on Spey’s Motormania

  1. Hi Pamela – gosh that brown is rather foul isn't it!! I had an orange beetle at one stage … and the bubble car – some friends of ours had one … but I don't ever remember being allowed in it or having a ride. As you say loads of people and thus cars … but I'm delighted you enjoyed yourselves … worth a trip to the cafe before and after … lovely having the music there too – cheers Hilary


  2. There was more than one car there that was that awful brown colour – Ken says that it was one of the original factory colours. It's always worth a trip to the cafe when we're out and about. Thanks for stopping by Hilary.


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