Top Ten Thursday: Favourite Summer Foods

This week’s top ten Thursday is all our favourite summer foods – slightly ironic that I’m in Tasmania and it’s winter as I write this. It shouldn’t be too hard though as food is one of our favourite subjects. What foods come to mind when you’re thinking about summer, and I wonder if you agree with any of mine.
1. Cake: lets get this one out of the way first. Ken and I love stopping for coffee and cake when we’re out exploring so it should come as no surprise that no matter what the weather this is one of our favourite things to eat. (you can probably guess that the fruit tart is Ken’s and mine is the red velvet).

2. Shellfish: love, love, love fresh shellfish, hot or cold. We’re very lucky in Scotland as the west coast has some of the best in the world – it’s scrummy. I think my favourite would be big prawns or scallops, but will eat it all. Love having it in Spain or Greece, sitting outside of a restaurant just enjoying the sun and sea.

3. Fresh Fruit: my beloved always teases me about the fact I don’t eat as much fresh fruit as I should, but I just have to be in the mood. This is the perfect way to have it, strawberries dipped in chocolate (another perfect food).
4. Smoothies: when it’s really warm I love having a smoothie made with ice-cream and bananas (see I do eat fruit). This one is an Oreo smoothie which was delish!
5.  Rosé Sparkling Wine: a nice cold glass of sparkling rosé is a perfect drink on a summers day – there’s something about rosé wine that feels more summery than any other.
6. Fish & Chips: it wouldn’t be a summer food list without this. Sitting by the seaside with fish and chips is the best. Seagulls bothering us for chips is half the fun, and if it starts raining (like it has in Scotland before) then that just adds to the experience.
7. Ice-cream: ice-cream is one of those magic foods that can make you feel better instantaneously. It’s a perfect food to eat, straight from the carton, when feeling fed up, and makes people smile as soon as they taste it. I could have put lots of different photos here, but had to reshare the best ice-cream sundae that my beloved and I have ever shared, which was at Harrods in London.

8. Salad: a lot of people will die of shock that I’ve put something so healthy in my list, but I do like salad, I just don’t like the ones that are too full of green leaves. My favourite salads are a Greek salad or watermelon and feta, but like experimenting with roasted veggies and halloumi as well. This colourful creation is one that I did for a group at work, hardly any leaves in sight.

9. Churros: these don’t immediately scream summer, but let me explain why they made my list. Music festivals are held in summer and whenever we go to a festival (not recently due to a certain puppy) we get a plate of churros and chocolate sauce to share. So this Spanish delicacy always reminds me of really fun times with my better half.

10: Latte: I know it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea (coffee) in warm weather, but there’s never not a good time for the perfectly brewed latte.

There you have it, my top ten summer foods – do you agree with any or have you been rolling your eyes thinking of all the things that you would have included? Before you go, pop over to Tamara’s blog, Part-time Working Hockey Mom, and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and treat yourself to your favourite food this week.

Pamela & Ken

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday: Favourite Summer Foods

  1. Coffee and cake are definitely all season favorites! Oh, and churros, YUMMY!Your ice cream picture looks super cool with the ice vaporizing.For what it's worth, our \”summer\” is not doing a great job right now: showers and 13°C (55°F)Enjoy your vacation!


  2. #1 – I think cake is good any season#3 – yes fruit, I think they just taste better during the summer#4 – smoothies, yes, is melted ice cream considered a smoothie? it is in a way#5 – yep, ice cream any day, season, time#9 – I've never tasted churros but they sound tastyhave a lovely day.


  3. I'm more of a pie than a cake person. And I can put my ice cream on it too. Allergic to bananas but smoothies without them are refreshing. I had shrimp on Thursday and I am making a roasted beet salad for dinner tonight. I love salad but more and more raw veggies and my tummy do not get along. Currently I am indulging in red grapes, right off the vine, not fermented, lol.


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