Coffee Chat – let’s talk about compliments

Let’s have a chat over coffee, so before you read, why don’t you grab a coffee or other hot drink of choice and then we can sit down and begin. This week our host at Ink Interrupted has asked us about the best compliment we’ve received lately.

Everyone likes to receive a nice compliment but not all of us are very good at accepting them, including me. I think the cynic in me just doesn’t believe the compliment is true or that they’re just to make the person giving them feel good.

Recently though, I received a compliment from a 10 year old and that one I’m going to believe. He told me that I give really great hugs and that made me feel wonderful. It’s weird how we seem to accept compliments given to us by children as if we believe they would never lie to us.

Actually, I think it’s children and old people as an elderly person couldn’t possibly compliment us without meaning it. What about you, do you find it easy to accept a compliment or like me do you try to brush it off or turn it back on the person giving it.

My favourite compliment ever was from an elderly gentleman I looked after in my 20’s. It was in my first year of working in England on a really busy surgical ward. We received a card from this man after he had gone home, thanking us all for looking after him. The bit that I will remember forever is what he put at the bottom of his card, “to the Aussie girl with the big smile, I would have gone to war for her”. As a nurse I don’t do my job for the thanks or compliments, but when you hear something like that it really reinforces the Maya Angelou quote that I try to live by.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the chat and if you feel like continuing, why don’t you pop over to Ink Inspired and see what my fellow bloggers have got to say about compliments – click here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and give a compliment to someone you don’t know this week.

Pamela & Ken

12 thoughts on “Coffee Chat – let’s talk about compliments

  1. I fully agree with Maya Angelou's quote as well as with the child and the gentleman who complimented you on your wonderful hugs and the big smile!I also agree that for certain people it is hard to accept compliments, I am one of them. I guess it's because we are our own worst critics.Just trying to think of a nice compliment I got that I was pleased about: it was at the board meeting of the folks I organized the games for (you read about them: smell spices, reocgnize music, food and clothing items from all over the world) So those people didn't know me, except one person. It was obvious that they didn't fully trust me to come through with a full program because at the time I was just presenting IDEAS. They wanted to press me for details until the lady who knows me said \”guys, my daughters are friends with Colin – Tamara's birthday parties are legendary, she'll come up with something great!\”


  2. And she wasn't wrong – it's amazing all the ideas you have for parties and I love reading about them. We need to get better at accepting and cherishing those comments that reinforce something good about ourselves.


  3. It can be very difficult to accept a compliment, especially when it's something that comes easily to you. As for children and older persons, they have no reason to lie in order to be socially acceptable, which is why they can say some wonderful and outrageous things.


  4. Awwwwww! Those are both endearing (and goosebump inducing) compliments! And you know kids speak only the truth, plus I think old people do the same because they don't worry about what other people think, and generally lose their 'filter', so to speak. Which I think is awesome, because you know you'll always get truth from kids and the elderly! 🙂 I have a terrible time accepting compliments – I more often than not stay in the shadows while everyone else basks in the glory. 😉 Have a great weekend!


  5. Time to step out of the shadows Stacy. Having looked after many filter free elderly people over the years, I often dream of a time when I can lose my filter, but not sure I'll ever be able to.


  6. A truer quote could never have been spoken!! And what a wonderful compliment from that elderly gentleman!! We really do need to take more time to make others feel good! 🙂


  7. I love Maya's quotes – she was a truly amazing woman. That complement from the elderly gentleman is one that I will still remember when I'm old and gray as it made me feel really good and that I was doing something right.


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