Top Ten Thursdays: Random Pictures

This week’s top ten Thursday is random pictures of our life – be prepared for very random. I thought I’d give you snapshots of my day. Thanks as always to Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom for hosting this challenge.

1. Bramble checking out what I’m doing in the kitchen – as you can see I’ve got my very “sexy” snuggly slippers on that are very handy here in Scotland.

2. This is what is on the wall next to the computer I use at work – my favourite quote about unicorns, an unposed picture of my beloved, and why coffee is so important in my life.

3. This is a screenshot of a text that my lovely husband sent me today – he knew I wasn’t feeling 100% and this really cheered me up. And yes, he does call me wombat.

4. Just up the road from my work there is this glorious field of wild flowers including really large daisies at the side of the road – it’s like a patch of floral sunshine.

5. Part of the journey home. We either go the main road which gives us a view of the sea and mountains, or like today we go the quieter back roads which is through woods and farmland.

6. I have a confession to make – I’m a rockaholic!! I love rocks and nearly always leave a beach with at least one or two in my pockets. This is one of our little features in the front hallway. The basket contains smaller rocks that I’ve painted and written positive words on like; Hope, Breathe, Laugh, and Faith.

7. One of my indulgences is getting my nails done regularly – I used to do it occasionally in London but it’s half the price here in the Highlands so I do it often. The only problem is that I have to go at the weekend to get them done and the last couple of weeks I hadn’t had time so ended up having to take my shellac polish off myself, so hence the very sexy foil finger covers.

8. Here in the Highlands it stays light until very late with sunset currently being 10pm. This is a shot I took out our bedroom window looking out to sea.

9. When we’re in bed reading we allow Princess Cookie Cat to come in for some quality time without Bramble (her cocker spaniel sister) around. She loves walking up my body and rubbing her head on my kindle which makes it difficult to concentrate.

10. My beloved usually falls asleep before me, so this is the lovely view I have before I turn off the light – ensures that my dreams are of the sweet variety.

There you are, some random photos that give you a snapshot into our day. Before you go, why don’t you pop over to Tamara’s blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with – click here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and enjoy the random moments of your day.

Pamela & Ken

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays: Random Pictures

  1. I am at the hairdresser's so can only view this on the phone. Will have to come back to take a closer look at your indoor boots and the quotes! The linky-tool is up and running, don't know what's been going on lately.


  2. Those are great snippets of your life. Thanks for sharing! We have the same warm slippers – handy in Canada, too. ☺ Your hubby is a true romantic – what a beautiful note. ♥ Love the rock display. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  3. Aw, these are all fabulous pics of \”a day in the life of Pamela\”! I love it! Love the slippers! and your sweet animal companions are adorable. I love the text your husband sent you. Sounds like you have a marriage that dreams are made of…and movies. :)My mom collects rocks too! She paints them with nail polish and they look so pretty. I have two decorative dishes filled with them. The last time she was here we spent a day painting the rocks all different colors and blinged some of them up with gold and silver glitter nail-polish. We went through a lot of nail polish that day! A fond memory for me. Thanks for sharing your day with us Pamela. And what a long day it must be! The sun doesn't set until 10pm? Wowsa! What time does it rise??Michele at Angels Bark


  4. At the moment the sun is rising at 4:30am, so yes a very long day. I'd never thought of using nail polish to paint my rocks – that's something for me to do in the next week. Have a great weekend Michele.


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