From Sunny Nairn to Snowy Braemar

Today we didn’t have a plan on where we were going but as usual it ended up being a really wonderful magical mystery tour which included sexy stripy socks (in case you’re wondering, mine are the pink ones).

We started with a walk along Nairn beach as it was such a lovely, sunny morning – below zero in temperature, but still gorgeous. Bramble had great fun saying hello to lots of people and other dogs. There was also a big gang of geese floating around on the water, having a nice chat and putting the world to rights.

It was such a lovely day that the Fisher Wife even looked like she was smiling – she has a weathered but beautiful face.

One of the phrases I often say to other people is that they should be kind to themselves – well this day was about being kind to ourselves, firstly by spending the day together, and secondly by having a breakfast of coffee and French toast at the Sundancer Cafe

(As a total aside, I’ve just realised that I’m very old – we’re watching the Baftas and for the third time I’ve just said, “that woman’s missing half her dress”)

Anyway, back to our day of fun. We decided that we wanted to find some snow, so headed for the Cairngorms where there was plenty of the white stuff. This is the view as we headed for one of the ski resorts.

We arrived at Lecht 2090 and there were plenty of people indulging in various snow sports. It’s called Lecht 2090 because it’s 2090 feet (645m) above sea level.

We went into the cafe for a warm drink and to look out at the people enjoying the snow.

This is the window in the toilet looking out at one of the carparks – apparently it was the same in the men’s toilet which makes you wonder how many men actually use the urinals and give a show to anyone looking in (my reserved husband used a cubicle).

All the different lanes were for different ways of getting down the hill, from skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and of course the beginners slope which was so cute to watch. There were children that looked to be as young as four skiing down a little hill.

Ken took Bramble Jelly for a walk and of course she tried to eat lots of the snow. There were quite a few dogs around the slopes, some even trying to get onto sleds with their owners/slaves.

We haven’t tried a family selfie for a while and I think this attempt has come out okay. Bramble looks like she’d rather be anywhere but there, so we’ll have to help her practice her selfie face.

This high up it almost feels like you’re on top of the world, with the tops of mountains lurking in the clouds all around us. Lots and lots of snow across the land.

Our next stop was Braemar, which is not far from Balmoral Castle and is famous for the Braemar Gathering (highlands games) which swells the population by over 15,000 in September each year.

We discovered these funky knitted creatures in the doorway of one of the cafes and later found out that they are the work of the Deeside Knitwits who do knitted installations around the town to raise money for local charities. During their craft week last year they had various sea creatures all over the town, but especially on the bridge.

Loved this sign on one of the walls.

This was my placemat at the cafe we had an early dinner at – lots of traditional Scottish words.

Another knitwit creation – the cafe had lots of knitted creatures adorning it as well.

Funny sign in the butchers window.

Some more snow shots taken on our way home – we did get more snow and there were a couple of ‘moments’ when the road was a little dodgy, but with my beloved at the wheel we made it home in one piece.

ย When we got home we turned the heating on, put our warm slippers on, Ken lit some candles, and sat down to relax. The end of a fabulous day of being kind to ourselves and enjoying the wonder of being married to our best friend.

That’s it for today, until next time, be good, stay safe, and take time this week to appreciate all the good and wonderful things you have in your life.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final shot is of Cookie Cat and Bramble Jelly on each of our knees and actually tolerating being this close to each other without any shenanigans going on.

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