Express Yourself – a photographic blogging challenge

January 31st already (happy birthday Keith) and time for the photographic blogging challenge hosted by A ‘lil Hoohaa – P.J. sets a theme at the beginning of the month and then we take five photos that we think represents the theme. Simple? This month the theme was “Express Yourself”.

Here’s how I’ve interpreted the theme.

1. It was my birthday earlier this month and my beloved bought me a birthday cake that I think expresses me very well – I may be fast approaching the big 50 but I’m really a big kid at heart, so of course he got me a pink princess cake.

2. The below shop is in Inverness, sitting between much bigger buildings and yet I’m sure everyone notices this wee shop. Why – because it expresses itself very well, with over the top Scottishness, loud bagpipe music being piped into the street, and to top it all off, a fake owl sitting at the upstairs window.

3. This month we visited Portmahomack which is a bit further north than us in the Scottish Highlands. As we had a look around this small fishing town we came upon this garage door – these people obviously believe in standing out amongst all the quaint, understated cottages.

4. This is the window of a cafe in London called Antipode (can you guess why I like this place?). The window has a coffee cup (that’s the large thing in the top left of the photo) and a cat drinking coffee – apart from that there are no signs to identify the cafe. The pictures are enough to express their individuality as an independent cafe that serves excellent coffee.

5. Final picture is of my workplace which is normally brown and green, but as we’re raising awareness for World Cancer Day on Saturday, February 4th, today the building was lit up purple and our landscaped mounds have fairy lights all around them. As purple is my favourite colour I think it’s fabulous. The purpose for the lights is that hopefully more people will learn about Maggie’s and know that they can come to us if they are affected by cancer – we’re expressing ourselves so that we’re noticed.

So there you have it, my concept of the theme, Express Yourself. Before you go why don’t you pop over to P.J’s blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with – click HERE to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and make sure you express yourself well this week.

Pamela & Ken

9 thoughts on “Express Yourself – a photographic blogging challenge

  1. My birthday was earlier this month too! But, I'm fast approaching a different age. 😉 But, we're never too old to have a fun cake like that! I love your last shot. Perhaps they'd consider keeping it purple?! Thank you for the shots from Inverness. As an admitted Outlander fan, I think there are very few countries as pretty as Scotland.


  2. Belated happy birthday to you, Pamela! I really enjoyed your take on this month's theme and have had the sound of bagpipes running through my head since I read your description of how the gift shop expresses its presence to passersby (really hope that passes before bedtime tonight). I second Lisa's suggestion that your workplace should make the purple permanent. And thanks for the photo of the elephants with bows on their tails – that's quite the find. 🙂


  3. ooh what a fabulous cake and there is someone else like me who thinks cakes are essential part of Birthdays no matter how old the person is. Also just love the cat picture – a very Happy Belated Birthday to you in Inverness, the birthplace of my hubby's dad 🙂


  4. WOW! These are so so so good!!! That window with the kitty is awesome. I think that is my favorite. And I have to say, the princess cake? I am jealous. I SO get that… I am now 51 (ack) but still get up on the shopping cart and \”ride\” it to my car. The day you stop being a child is the day you should just give up!


  5. Happy Birth Day! And, no lovely lady is too old for a princess cake. I watch Outlander on Starz and recognize the name, Inverness, from the series. Love the stonework of the building. The elephant picture on the garage doors made me giggle, and the purple lighting is beautiful. My husband is battling cancer and I'm so appreciative of efforts to combat this horrid disease.


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