Top Ten Thursdays – Be prepared!

The weeks are just flying by and it’s October already – colder mornings and too much Christmas stuff in the shops. This weeks Top Ten Thursday is things to take care of before going on vacation. This challenge is hosted by Tamara over at Confessions of a part-time working mom so hop on over if you’re interested in joining us top tenners.

I found this weeks list easy as we love going on holiday and whether or not it’s nearby in this country or getting on a plane and travelling to the far corners of the globe, my routine is usually fairly similar, except for number 3 as that doesn’t apply in the UK – you’ll see what I mean.

1. Furbies: the first thing we always have to take care of is the furbies – Cookie, Muffin, and Bramble. As she’s still a toddler Bramble comes with us everywhere and the poor brats have to fend for themselves – only joking. Ken’s darling sister visits the cats everyday when we’re away, making sure they’re surviving having the run of the house.

Cookie (Brat 1)
Muffin (Brat 2)
Bramble (Brat in training)

2. Research: I’m a little bit old fashioned in that I still love buying guide books for our holidays. Yes I do lots of research about where we’re going on Mr Google but once we’ve pinned down the spot, and especially if it’s in a foreign land, then I buy a lovely book to take with us. My favourite are the Everyman Mapguides as they’re compact, fit in my handbag, and have everything you could possibly need for all the major cities of the world – click HERE if you’re interested.

Part of the research also involves checking to see if where we’re going to stay has wifi – I know I’m sad but it’s a necessity for me unless we’re going for a romantic escape where we just want to unwind and relax.

3. Passport and Visas: once we decide on a destination, if it’s outside the UK we need to think about what visas one of us may need. My beloved always has to get one for Australia when we go home to visit family, and I often need them for countries on this side of the world.

4. Reading Material: it took me a while to get onto the e-reader revolution but my beloved got me one for Christmas a few years ago and now I wouldn’t be without it. When I commuted on the London Underground it was a lifesaver and when we go away it’s so great as I know that I have loads of books at my fingertips. Before I had it I was known to cart six or more books with me for a two week holiday as I’m quite a quick reader, and even then we had to go and raid the local charity shops for more. The flight from here to Australia usually sees at least one or two books read, but that does depend on whether or not there are many films on that I want to see.

5. My spikey babies: I used to have loads of houseplants when I lived in Australia, but due to certain four footed brats that is no longer an option. Instead I have cacti which I love, and the cats leave them alone as they get spiked if they’re too close. So going on holiday always leaves me with the dilemma about their watering as they don’t need a lot but should I get someone to do it whilst we’re away. I’ve only managed to kill a couple over the years, and I think that was more because they were pot bound and not due to water restrictions.

6. Dressing up toes and fingers: I love painting my finger and toe nails, or getting someone else to do it for me, and when going on holiday I always make sure that they’re dressed in the finest colours.

7. Headache relief: I’ve been known to have a few headaches in my time and unfortunately do get migraines as well, but when travelling I’ve found that non medicated methods are often as helpful as tablets. These are my go to treatments that I always make sure are in my hand luggage as all of them are under 100mls and can really help if I feel my head starting to ache. If I could only take one it would be Origin’s Peace of Mind (on the left) which is fabulous when massaged into temples, earlobes, and the nape of your neck. It works even better if a gorgeous man (like Ken) massages it in for you.

8. E-mail out of office: This is usually the last thing I do on my last day at work before a holiday and it feels so lovely when you activate it.

9. Writing: I need to check that I have everything I need in my travel journal/art journal kit so that if I’m feeling the need to write or draw (abstract, not proper art) then I just have to grab my small bag and I have everything I need.

10. Fridge: The last thing we need to do before we go on holiday and one of the mundane things but you have to admit it’s something that’s quite important to sort out unless you want to come home to a very smelly fridge.

That’s it, the top ten of things we take care of when going on holiday. Do you do different things? Why don’t you visit Tamara’s blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with in their top ten lists – click HERE to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and do something really nice for yourself this week.

Pamela & Ken

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays – Be prepared!

  1. I agree with so many of the things on your list! Most especially having a kindle! Well … really, I just have the kindle app, but it makes the difference between taking a few extra pounds in books that I may or may not read vs an item that I was already going to take with me anyway. Now if only I could take up the speed reading that you say you are so good at! I'd love to be able to read (and understand) books more quickly than I already do! 🙂


  2. I would do #2 but I would be too lazy to thoroughly do it; #4 – yes, sometimes there are long waiting so reading materials a must; #6 – didn't even think of this, does this mean you also pack your best clothes? no list from me this week. have a lovely day.


  3. Traveling with a Kindle is so, so nice. It keeps me from buying a million magazines (because they weigh so much less than books – my usual justification for doing so).And now that we're reading chapter books before bed with our daughter, it's a lot easier to bring reading materials for her as well 🙂


  4. I don't pack my best clothes – I think the fingernail thing comes from being a nurse for so long and not being allowed to wear nail polish so when I'm on holiday I go overboard. Have a good day.


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