The ecovillage of the Findhorn Foundation

Not far from where we live is the Findhorn Foundation which according to their website; ‘is a spiritual community, an ecovillage and an international centre for holistic learning, helping to ……. create a positive and sustainable future.’ If you’re interested then click HERE for more information.

It’s not somewhere either of us could live for various reasons, but it is lovely to walk around and see how people are looking after our precious world in so many different ways, and we like checking out all the funky buildings. They take wacky to a whole new level – look at this fabulously happy whale painted on the side of one of the buildings.

Around the community you’ll see lots of evidence of the eco message such as solar panels and there are also wind turbines to supply the site. I love how colourful all these buildings are.

If you’ve read many of our blog posts you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing for doors, those magical portals we go through every day. Well I also love garden gates and this one is absolutely beautiful, made out of natural resources.

This is the very pretty and colourful garden on the other side of the gate.

Look at this amazing house and gorgeous door – featuring the tree which is something to be celebrated. The house is made out of wood which comes from trees so it’s quite fitting really.

We’ve been to Findhorn before, but it’s many years since we have but I was very glad to see that this lovely hobbit house is still there – it’s in the middle of some woods and is a thing of beauty. I nearly expected Frodo and Sam to walk out the door.

Another interesting garden gate.

More unique buildings – I wasn’t very keen on the colour of these ones, but I guess they blend in with nature as they’re the colour of dirt.

Lots of the buildings have living roofs like the one below.

There are several homes made out of or incorporating whiskey barrels and there are several that you can stay in if it takes your fancy.

I loved how in one of the buildings they had included this quirky looking chappy – it’s so nice when people do things to their abodes that make others smile.

Here’s a selection of other homes, each with their own unique styles.

There were lots of lovely accessories around the site, including dream catchers and mosaics – I really liked this mosaic heart as it’s a good use of broken china and things that you might find on the beach.

The Universal Hall is a site for meetings, workshops, and concerts and has beautiful stained glass doors and windows.

In front of the doors is a lovely mosaic set into the ground.

Selfie in the sun.

There are lots of gorgeous wooded areas that have been left amongst all the buildings so that it really is an eco village joining with the environment around it.

Someone has been doing some willow weaving – I’m not sure if it’s going to be something specific or just a feature in amongst the trees.

Colourful house that is available as a holiday home.

Garden feature on one of the street corners.

That was our wander around the eco village of the Findhorn Foundation. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and think about what you can do to help the planet we live on.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final picture is of Cookie, our own little princess – I thought it was time there was a picture of her as we’ve been focussing so much on Bramble because she’s a cute puppy, and Muffin because she’s not well. Cookie is a very pretty cat and she knows it. She is very vocal if she’s not being given enough attention and loves sitting on the sofa between the two of us.

One thought on “The ecovillage of the Findhorn Foundation

  1. Hi Pam – I'd known about Findhorn .. so this was interesting to see the area. I think they've got their own currency … like Totnes … thanks for linking across from the whisky barrels now homes! – cheers Hilary


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