Black and White – a monthly blogging challenge

I can’t believe it’s the end of August already – that’s less than four months until Christmas!! Enough about that big event and back to this month’s photographic challenge, the theme being black and white. Rather than do black and white photos, I have taken photos of black and white things.
1. The shed exhibition at the botanical gardens for the festival of architecture had a few contenders but I chose this one as if you look at it too long it makes your eyes go funny.

2. When walking along the Caledonian canal we came across this discarded black and white drum. There were freshly painted ones nearby but I felt sorry for this one that is a little rough around the edges.

3. A beautiful black and white cat that we met when we were out for a drive one day. I have a soft spot for black cats (obviously) and black and white ones as they are the least likely to be adopted from a rescue centre – here’s a blog I wrote previously,Β IN PRAISE OF BLACK CATS, which talks about that very subject.

4. Black and white dolphins in Hopeman. Hopeman is a lovely little town 22 miles east of where we live on the Moray coast. It’s a great spot for walking as there is a coastal path and it also has a fabulous ice cream parlour, Stew’n Drews which makes fabulous scrummy ice cream. The dolphins are there because the Moray Firth which Hopeman looks over, has the largest group of dolphins in the UK.

5. Black and White clock. We found this beautiful old town clock in Ullapool, which is on the North West coast of Scotland. It’s so ornate and pretty, not something you would see in a modern town and is why I love the quaint little towns that keep their history alive.

There you have it, my five photos for the theme of Black and White. Wait, we’re missing one very important picture so I’m going to have to add a bonus photo for you – how could I do any blog with black in the title without including our own little black monster, Muffin. This is her ‘stop taking pictures of me and leave me in peace’ face.

Why don’t you hop over to P J’s blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for their black and white theme – clickΒ HEREΒ to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and appreciate the different colours in our world.

Pamela & Ken

20 thoughts on “Black and White – a monthly blogging challenge

  1. That clock is amazing but don't think I'd like that shed in my garden!! The best pictures of course though are of Muffin and the new feline friend you made!


  2. Love your b/w choices! Did you shoot these all with this theme in mind or did you scrounge around through your photo collection searching? I think my favorites are the light post and the b/w cat in the grass! But Muffin, of course, is absolutely adorable in his \”stop taking pictures of me\” way. He is ALL cat. (You know? Like they say \”boys will be boys\”?) πŸ™‚


  3. Why am I not surprised to see your Muffin here? ;-)My goodness that shed! I can't look at it for long, I'm getting all dizzy. Is it a loo?Dolphins are among my favorite animals.Nice shots, it's great to get to know more about where you live!


  4. Love all the shots you found. And thanks for instilling some panic in me about Christmas! Seriously, your Black and White world was very enjoyable this month.


  5. I love your interpretation of the theme which makes all your photos unique. The B&W shed looks to 'out there'. Its hard to believe it even exists and I love both the cat photos I like how the B&W cat looks so small, but sharp in the centre of all the grass. Great set of photos.


  6. Great work on this month's challenge. I like when people interpret differently. That shed in the first picture is pretty cool. Though I think if I looked at it for too long, my eyes might get wonky!


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