Nairn Highland Games

On Saturday we went to the Nairn Highland Games which were first held in the late 1860’s. Despite rain being forecast it was a glorious day which was wonderful for the spectators but not so good for the people running the half marathon. They had track and field events, highland dancing, piping competitions, and of course the heavy events such as throwing the caber.

We had prime seats to see the arrival of the massed pipe bands which were amazing to see and hear.

There was a big expat contingency at the games representing all the Nairnites who have lived oversees and have come back or who are visiting for the games. The lady carrying the Aussie flag was having a few problems with it wrapping around the flag pole – the one behind is the New Zealand flag.

There were loads of different tartans amongst the band members and their outfits were great.

Below is the Nairn stormtrooper and friend – he is a gentleman that dresses like this regularly for local events to help fundraise for charity.

The crowds enjoying the action in the sunshine. We even got to meet our local MP as he was collecting signatures to prevent the closure of our local army base at Fort George. He seemed very nice and he had his kilt on so was getting into the spirit of the day.

Highland dancing – these girls are so fit as they are constantly bouncing and twirling for the whole number.

We watched the big men throw the shotput, but a bigger shotput than I’ve ever seen.

Men in kilts checking the distance of the throws.

Next to the Highlands Games was a fairground with all it’s wonderful colours. If I’d thought I had any chance of winning this beautiful pink unicorn I would have had a go, but I usually win the boobie prizes.

Love Candy Floss (that’s fairy floss to all the Australians reading) and have to resist buying lots of bags.

Β A selection of the rides for both adults and kidlets. We didn’t go on any as I’d much rather people watch than be tossed around.

Took this picture more for the guy standing with the pram – trendy kilt and spiky mohawk.

After the games we went to some local woods to take Brambe for a walk. It’s a beautiful spot with very tall, majestic trees.

My beloved with the little monkey that is Bramble.

Bramble playing her favourite game of hiding in the long grass until her daddy gets really close and then shooting off to find another patch of long grass.

The lovely purple heather just starting to come out.

On the way home we met this gorgeous couple of donkeys – they were over the other side of the field when we stopped but as soon as I started talking to them they came over for a chat and a nose rub.

That’s it for today, until next time be good, stay safe, and take a moment to think of all the wonderful people in your life that have helped you be the person you are today.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final picture is my beautiful friend Elaine who left this world last week – way too early for the rest of us. This photo is from 1992, the year we met and the year she introduced me to my beloved.

4 thoughts on “Nairn Highland Games

  1. It looks like you had a good day. Were you not able to convince your beloved to wear a kilt? ;)One of the parks near me usually has an annual Highland games event, but I've never been. Perhaps in the future, I'll keep it in mind though I doubt they offer as many carnival games as this event had. I don't think carnival games are typical of \”Highland Games\”, right? Your dog sounds awfully cute with her hide and go seek game! πŸ™‚


  2. No, carnival games aren't typical but it is quite common for them to set up adjacent to a games arena as they get lots of customers then. I'll keep working on my beloved as I think he would look gorgeous in a kilt.


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