Nairn Country Show

On Saturday, once the rain had stopped, we went to the Nairn Show. The Nairnshire Farming Society originated in 1798 but I’m not sure how long the show has been going. We love shows as it’s great to see all the animals, creativity, colourful displays, and people enjoying themselves.

Highland band entertaining the crowd.

In the craft tent there were ladies doing spinning, weaving, and other wool crafts.

I love looking around the competition entries in the home baking, produce, and craft tents. The children’s displays are always fabulous and I can’t believe this purple gingerbread man didn’t win a prize as he’s so glamorous – all the children receive a well done rosette even if they don’t come in the top four.

Fabulous highland cow made out of sweets – great use of fried egg sweets as eyes – no wonder it got first place.

There were some really interesting caterpillers but this one was my favourite.

Here’s a craft that I’m sure loads of us did at school, sticking pasta to paper to make a picture – I’m sure I painted my pasta gold.

Animal families made out of pine cones – the meerkat family at the front won first place.

One of the adult craft categories was to make a tea light holder. Both first and second used driftwood in their design, but second place was my favourite as it included seaglass.

Paper mache bowls made by children.

Children’s driftwood boats – some of these were ingenious with what they had used to make the boat.

In one of the tents they had a section dedicated to honey and this dog was hiding under one of the tables – I don’t think he was very impressed with the outfit he was being made to wear.

My favourite of the children’s entries of making an animal out of fruit and vegetables and it rightly won first prize.

Champion huge leeks – the paper plates under them are normal sized dinner plates, so that gives an idea of how big they are.

Beautiful pansies.

Sweet peas – I love the smell of these. When I was growing up mum had sweet peas growing outside the kitchen window.

Beautiful fairy house carved with a chainsaw – I was very tempted to buy this.

A very handsome pair of rams – they were being very difficult about getting their photo taken as everytime I took it they looked away so it took about four attempts to get this.

Highland Cow with a very impressive fringe – I think the owner has had the hair straighteners onto that.

Gorgeous Highland Cow calf – love this colour.

Check out the backcombing on those tails – the grooming and preparation before the cattle are showed is incredible.

The grand parade of animals that takes place towards the end of the day. It only involves the horses and the cattle as the sheep are too cantankerous to lead around the ring.

The other part of any shows that we like to wander around is the old farm vehicles – as you can imagine, Ken loves this part. I particularly love seeing the old grey Fergies (Ferguson) as that’s what we had on the farm when I was growing up.

This tractor is a Cockshutt 60 and after visiting my old friend google I discovered that they originate in Canada and this particular model was built between 1942 and 1948.

More interesting tractors.

Fergie that has been seriously pimped.

I can’t remember what this very odd looking tractor was called but we’re pretty sure it’s German by the words that were written on it.

So that was the Nairn show, and I think it might become a yearly visit as it was a lovely day. At the show I bought some cheese from a company with a great name – The Damn Fine Cheese Company, and I love their logo of the mouse.

I bought some lovely natural dog treats for Bramble Jelly from Diesels Delights – blueberry and cheese treats, and calming chamomile (we can only hope).

I know I don’t need another handbag but this one is so funky I couldn’t resist – I love the unusual handle with the snap to open it, and of course even better it’s purple and pink.

That’s it for today, until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a great day wherever you are.

Pamela & Ken

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