Furbies make every day fun

I just realised that I haven’t written a blog post for a while about the wonderful furbies we share our lives with. Animals are such an important part of days of fun and we wouldn’t be without them. 
Any post about furbies has to start with Tiddles – she was my lovely cat that I got when I was 9 and she lived to be 16. She was such a lovely cat – a real cuddly cat who drooled when she was happy. These two photos were taken just before she died so that’s why she’s looking a bit scruffy around the edges.

The year that I worked in Saudi Arabia my friend Elaine and I sort of befriended a can whom we called B.C – the C stands for Cat, you can decide for yourself what the B stands for. Just to say he was a little bit temperamental and used to get very crabby with us when we were treating a wound he had with an aromatherapy cream that Elaine had mixed up.  He did have his moments and could be very friendly – I wished I could have brought him home with me.

The next furbie to feature has to be Bertie – our gorgeous springer spaniel who died in August 2014. He was such an important part of our family and we still miss him a lot.

So now onto the brats that are our cats – Cookie (grey tabby) and Muffin (black). They’re now 12 years old and are a constant source of comfort and lots of moments of laughter. We’ve just bought them this new bed to try and pacify them for bringing a puppy into the house, and I’ve already had to order a second one as they keep fighting over this one.

Now to the said puppy. This is Bramble, or to be correct, Bramble Jelly Sassy Pants! She has a boring kennel club name but we prefer our version of it. Bramble is 11.5 weeks old and is growing rapidly. She has very sharp teeth and as she’s teething she’s trying to chew everything including our clothes and fingers. My beloved is really having his dog training skills tested. It is lovely having a dog in the house again though I don’t think the cats agree with us yet. Bramble is a little slow on the uptake in that she still hasn’t quite realised that if she didn’t chase the cats she wouldn’t end up getting boxed on the nose by them.

The brats think they own the place and Muffin’s latest little foible is drinking out of Ken’s glass when he leaves it unattended (it’s only water). We normally stop her but I couldn’t resist getting a photo of her doing it.

If we leave our bedroom door open the bed becomes the brats property as well – they usually sleep under the duvet but Cookie also likes to sleep right in the middle of the bed as if it’s hers. I obviously need to by a third pillow that says ‘Cookie’s’.

When we were getting ready to bring Bramble Jelly home we had set up the puppy crate and bought beds for in the crate and outside it, and I think Princess Cookie and Muffin Monster thought we were really spoiling them – we were lulling them into a false sense of security. I made sure I sprayed lots of pet calming essential oils around before they met their baby sister.

When we first met Bramble she was only 3 weeks old and curled up with her two sisters and one brother. We were the first to get a pick of the litter and we both were drawn to her straight away – she’s the one on the right of the picture with the white stripe down her face. At that stage we didn’t know that she had white on her paws or belly as we weren’t allowed to pick her up. We did get to meet her mum and she is such a lovely dog.

This was our visit to her at 4.5 weeks old and finally we could give her a cuddle – look at that face, how could we not fall for her.

With all this talk of our furbies I thought I’d just show my beloved being a hero again (if you read the previous post you would of seen him rescuing a bunny rabbit). We live underneath a rookery and lately the babies have all been fledging, with varying degrees of success. This silly bird decided that a good place to sit was on the road outside our cottage so Ken caught it and put it in the woods – hopefully it will survive.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the furry members of our family and my challenge for the rest of the year is to try and get a picture of them together – wish me luck.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and say hello to the next animal that you meet.

Pamela & Ken

2 thoughts on “Furbies make every day fun

  1. I so enjoyed reading about all your furbabies! Aren't they just the best? They make the worst of days go away in a flash with just a purr or a wag of a tail. Loved hearing all about bringing your new puppy home. How fun! Do those calming essential oils work? I wonder if they would work for thunderstorms?Thanks so much for sharing your beloved animal companions with us. Loved the photos!Michele at Angels Bark


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