The A to Z challenge – what was I thinking?!

The blogging from A to Z challenge – I can’t even remember how I came across it now, it’s all blurred into the craziness that resulted from the month of April 2016. The concept seemed so simple, publish a post every day of April, themed on each letter of the alphabet, with Sundays off – no problemo (or so I thought).

I went into it fresh faced and smiling at how much fun it sounded – laughing at my husbands comments asking if I thought I’d have time to do it all. I told him I’d be fine and like the organised person I was I started by writing three of the posts ahead of time to help with my timing.

I reached the letter E and my mind went blank – nothing! This was when I started to realise that not every letter was going to flow from my fingers onto the keyboard quite so easily.  This was also the point when I found myself staying up slightly later than I should in order to get everything done. My husband was now sleeping through a lot of my writing dilemmas.

I’m sure I ended up giving him a headache with how often he heard the phrase “what am I going to do for the letter …..”

Lesser, or should I say saner, people might have crumbled at this stage, but no – I’m definitely part Tasmanian Devil as my beloved often tells people, so onwards I forged, with the horror of the last three letters of the alphabet looming closer and closer, though when I finally reached them everything was okay.

Some of the letters were no brainers, C = CatsG = Graveyards, and of course K is for my beloved Ken, but others I really struggled with, and had too little sleep. Unsurprisingly to this crazy cat lady, the post about cats was by far the most popular with the readers, which shows how many crazy cat people there really are out there.

So what did we learn during this challenge.

1. I found some wonderful new blogs to follow which is definitely one of the joys of this challenge.

2. Ken and I eat way too many cakes.

3. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with graveyards.
4. The words to describe me are definitely quirky, young at heart, and yes, crazy.

5. My beloved really, really, really loves cars.

6. I’m married to the most wonderful and patient man in the world.

So the madness of the A to Z blogging challenge is over and if you think I’m crazy enough to do that again, then you’d be one hundred percent correct – bring on 2017.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and remember that challenging ourselves can be extremely rewarding.

Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “The A to Z challenge – what was I thinking?!

  1. Lol. Your post made me laugh. It sounds easy, doesn't it, this A-Z thing? What a reality check. I think you did a great job with yours and I'm so glad we've connected. I loved hearing about your life with Ken and all the amazing adventures you guys experience. And there's nothing wrong with having an obsession with graveyards. I find them fascinating too. :)Next year, to save your sanity, definitely have all your posts prepared and scheduled so you absolutely don't have anything to do but visit and comment. That's how this challenge is the most fun and most rewarding. I'm so glad you did it. Congrats on sticking it out. And I'm thrilled you'll be doing it again next year!I'll look forward to more of your posts in the coming months!Michele at Angels Bark


  2. Thanks Michele and ditto about connecting. I'm going to take your very wise words to heart on keeping my sanity and make sure I am very prepared for next year – I'm already thinking about a theme I could use for all of the posts.


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