R is for Romance (I know I’m predictable)

R could only be for romance, something that needs to part of any strong relationship. It doesn’t have to be huge gestures that cost ridiculous amounts of money, instead it is often the little things that mean the most.  I’m going to share a few things that we’ve done for each other over the years just because – some are for special occasions, but most are for no reason other than that we’re totally, madly, and crazily in love.
We went shopping in Westfield west London and my beloved took me to the posh champagne bar and bought me a glass of champagne – a lovely interlude in a busy day.

There is a fabulous website called the Dating Divas, and it is from here that I get a lot of my ideas. My beloved always gets me flowers on valentines day no matter how many times I tell him not to, and a few years ago I decided that I should get him a bouquet as well.  No flowers for my man who has an incredible sweet tooth, no, instead I made him a chocolate bouquet.

A just because romantic gesture for him another time was a very large chocolate cake covered in maltesers – yes I made a heart out of white maltesers.

I have got a sweet tooth and I have come home in the past to a love heart outlined on the bed in chocolates.  Another lovely thing Ken does for me is book me in for a surprise pampering treatment – as I can’t photograph myself getting a massage you have to see my pedicure instead.

One valentines day my beloved came into the lounge room and threw rose petals all over me – I felt very special.  See, that’s a tiny little thing that doesn’t cost much but how it made me feel was priceless (I sound like an add for Mastercard).

A fabulous idea from the Dating Divas website was the below letter.  I replaced words with chocolates to create a letter to Ken – always nice to write to the one you love and for a chocoholic this is the perfect style to use.

Me with one of my many bunches of flowers I’ve received over the years.

Another idea from the Dating Divas was the medication gift.  I bought a very cheap weekly medication dispenser and then in each day I placed a few sweets (smarties and minstrels are good) along with a little love note.  My husband loved it as it’s something incredibly personal but simple in its genious.

Now when it comes to romance I have to recognise that my beloved has other things that bring out the romantic in him.  Firstly was Frank whom I had to compete with last year when Ken walked him daily – he had a bit of a bromance going on with the (so ugly he’s cute) bulldog.

I also have to compete for my beloved’s attention with the brats – here they are taking up my side of the bed.

And lets not forget his neverending passion for cars – he lathers his affection onto them.

I think I win in the romance stakes though as a car can’t make him chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast on valentines day.

This valentines day’s wonderful pink flowers.

I’ve shown locks on bridges before in our blog, but for romance I wanted to show you two that we saw last weekend in Pitlochry.  The first one is just such an aahh moment – ‘My perfect place….is here with you now and always’.  How lovely is that?

The second one I love as it’s for a couple who have been together in love for 45 years – so wonderful.

The most recent romantic gesture from my beloved was last weekend – he’d arranged for flowers, chocolates, and a food hamper for our room when we arrived.  I have to admit I did cry as I was so touched by him doing that for me.

Such a lovely gesture but I’m equally happy sharing some fairy floss with Ken at an old fashioned steam fair.

And never underestimate the romantic impact of leaving a message on the bathroom mirror written in lipstick with a chocolate stuck in the middle.

Sometimes life gets in the way, but if you’re in a relationship please never stop being romantic. One more romantic thing – holding hands and I hope we’re still doing that when we both have the other hand on a walking stick.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and smile at a stranger – it just might make their day.

Pamela & Ken

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