O is for Obsession

Our names are Pamela and Ken and we have an obsession with cake.  That’s right, we both have major sweet tooth’s and indulge this when we’re out and about on our days of fun.  Looking back over photos from the last few years and our blog posts, cakes feature an awful lot, so thought I’d share a bit of our obsession with you.

Liberties of London
Cat cafe London

Whether it’s in a posh cafe or in the middle of a field at a music festival, a cake can be the perfect thing to curb an obsessive craving for something sweet.
Folk by the Oak
Peyton & Byrne Cafe in Covent Garden

Yummy raspberry and coconut cupcake on the Southbank
Worthing on England’s South Coast

Technically not a cake, but had to include it as this ice cream sundae at Harrod’s was incredible

The perfect accompaniment to a lovely piece of cake is a latte or, as my husband often prefers, a huge hot chocolate.

Roald Dahl Museum

A proper afternoon tea is like the obsessives holy grail – endless mini cakes in all different shapes and sizes.

 Lovely cupcakes that are just a small piece of cake perfection.  At Christmas time, or any time of the year really, they can be decorated to look like whatever you like.

Due to this obsession, my fabulous husband bought me the perfect birthday present a few years ago – a cupcake making master-class.  This was the resulting  cupcakes at the end of the evening.

Now you may not have the same obsession with cake as us, but maybe I’ve wetted your appetite.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and eat a nice big piece of cake.

Pamela & Ken

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