I is for Indalo Man (it’s a Spanish thing)

What, I hear you ask, is an Indalo Man?  Very good question, and one I asked myself just a few days ago. The Indalo man is a symbol that was discovered in a cave in the 1800’s in the Almeria Region of Spain and is thought to date back to neolithic times (but how they really know that is beyond me).  The boffins think it is a god holding a rainbow over his head, which I quite like the sound of.  As with a lot of ancient symbols people have adopted it as a good luck symbol and is even thought to ward off evil spirits.

In the area of Mojacar you see the Indalo man everywhere.

He features in fences as part of the design.

Home-owners make sure he is somewhere on their house for good luck.

He is carved into community buildings.

He features in business signs on the side of white vans.

People put him on their cars.

Artists take liberties and depict him slightly differently but still very funky looking.

Shops include him in their signs, perhaps to make people think they are a trusted establishment.

And, as with any ancient symbol, it is commercialised and sold to unsuspecting tourists to take home a little piece of Spain.

I must admit I did buy a pair of earrings with the Indalo man hanging from them, but my favourite Indalo man that has come home with us is one hand made by my friend Elaine.

Do you feel suitably educated now about the Indalo man?  Just think how bright you’ll come across if that ever comes up in a quiz you’re taking part in.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and we wish you luck and happiness.

Pamela & Ken

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