Wynyard – a special little town on Tasmania’s north-west coast

Wynyard, the town where my mum lives is a really special place, especially if you wander off the main drag and really explore its charm.

At the top of the main street is the very impressive looking Catholic Church – actually, for a small town Wynyard at least 8 churches.

Here’s a few of the really pretty colonial style homes which often include gorgeous gardens – the roses around the town look fabulous at the moment.

We found this campervan/truck and loved the artwork – also the fact that it looks like it could go anywhere.

If you’ve read any of our blogs you’ll know that we like to make friends with any animals that we meet. So far on this holiday we haven’t met any cats for me to commune with, but there’s been plenty of dogs. This was a very sweet old boy who would have been happy for Ken to scratch his ear all day.

This is the view from the wharf looking towards the mouth of the Inglis River – a very calming view.

Since we were home in 2013 the Waterfront Hotel, next to the wharf, has put in place some new units made out of shipping containers – a great example of recycling.

Another of the feel good graffiti in Gutteridge Gardens…..

Now to continue our theme of whacky mailboxes – here’s two contenders that we found whilst walking around the town.

Of course we had to stop for coffee and cake – traditional Aussie food, a lamington for me, and a custard tart for Ken.

In the middle of the main street there are two very cute chairs designed to look like tulips – you’ll see my beloved and mum demonstrating them beautifully. Wynyard holds a tulip festival every year, that’s why they’re shaped that way.

There are plenty of places to stop for a break, and I had to resist all the cakes in this one where we took mum for a snack on her birthday.

Mum……definitely doesn’t look 80.

Painted cow’s skull which was in one of the shops.

Here’s my beloved making friends with two more puppy dogs. The top one’s name is Watson who was patiently waiting outside the butchers for his daddy – I hope they bought something nice for him to eat.

Here is another interesting find in the local supermarket – I love caramel ice cream, I love vegimite on toast, but in what universe would you want to eat caramel and vegimite together in an ice cream??? Cara-mite ice cream – #!@!#.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the little jewel that is Wynyard on the north west coast of Tasmania.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and take a few moments to think of five things today that you’re grateful for.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final shot is me and mum after her 80th birthday dinner.

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