Frolicking with Fairies in the New Forest

Today we went to the New Forest Fairy Festival where I was truly among my people and I got to put on my wings and sprinkle a little magic everywhere I walked. My beloved didn’t dress up as he said he was there to be my assistant – straightening my wings when needed.

It was such a lovely atmosphere with so many different styles of fairies and many other mythical creatures. There was a small stage created out of a Air Stream Caravan with music throughout the day.

During the festival there was a world record attempt for the most fairies in one place – to take part you had to have a proper fairy tutu/skirt, a wand, and of course wings. I’m not sure if we got anywhere near the record, but it was fun seeing so many fairies in one place.

Whilst there I had Crystal Reiki healing from Jo – it was wonderful.

While I was being energized Ken wandered round the area and took pictures of the quirkiness that was the festival.

Amongst all the human fairies there were lots of canine fairies who were just too adorable – here’s just a few.

And here’s some of the two legged creatures……

There weren’t many food stalls but thankfully there was a coffee stand in a beautiful tear drop caravan which one of the guys built himself – it was lovely and they had cupcakes.

Loved this campervan – perfect home for fairies.

In one area they had activities like stilts, juggling, and hula hoops so of course we had to have a go. Neither of us were any good at doing it around our waists so I resorted to swinging it round my arm.

The festival was held in the village of Burley and opposite a grand old house.

The New Forest is a lovely area of the UK and has beautiful horses roaming free.

So that was our day enjoying all things fairy – a festival that I think will be a yearly visit for us.

Until next time, be good, keep smiling, and I hope you find some magic in your life.

Pamela and Ken

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