A date with Sir Tom Jones at Cornbury

After missing last year we made it back to Cornbury Festival for the Saturday and a wonderful day in the sun. We love this festival because it’s quite laid back and never feels overcrowded, and it always has a great eclectic mix of artists.

Festival hands – note there are six fingers with pink polish as Ken (long suffering husband that he is) agreed to one being painted for Cornbury.

I love all the colourful banners they have around the grounds, this is just a few of them.

As soon as we arrived we went to the Therapixie tent as I’d already booked myself two treatments by e-mail. A gorgeous holistic facial with the lovely Claire, which included having a mixture of honey and rose geranium put on my face. Then the beautiful Nina (below – the head pixie) gave me reflexology – heavenly and the perfect way to start the day.

Next on the agenda was a breakfast of churros covered in sugar and cinnamon dipped in chocolate sauce.

Festival Ken with his blue beads.

The main stage early in the day. You can see what a lovely day it was.

We love all the performers that wander around during the day – here’s just a few.

There is a great variety of stalls to buy things from – they’re all really bright and I especially loved the skulls and was very tempted to buy one. When I was younger and lived in Tasmania I had a skull called Claude.

Even the signs and decorations around each stall was enough to tempt me in. I want the umbrellas below.

This is the children’s area, there were lots of activities including pottery and circus fun.

Zorbing – they must have been so hot inside those balls.

The Cafe Nero tent had performances throughout the day – nice quiet space to get out of the sun.

One of our favourite groups that we saw was Paper Aeroplanes – they are a Welsh group that we first saw at last year’s Folk by the Oak. The lead singer Sarah Howells has a beautiful voice and their songs are totally captivating. If you ever get the chance to catch a performance make sure that you do.

One guess as to who this man had come to Cornbury to see?

Cornbury selfie – I’m quite pale next to my beloved, by the end of the day not so pale, more pink!! I look a little like Rudolph.

I’m one of four children and the only one without tattoos so decided to have a temporary tat done – as I love fairies if I ever was to get a tattoo this might be something I’d go for.

The act that Ken enjoyed the most was Dr John Cooper Clarke – in case you haven’t heard of him, he’s a punk poet. Sopranos fans may have heard of him as one of his pieces was featured in the penultimate episode of the series.

The act I most wanted to see was the legend that is Sir Tom Jones! It’s 20 years since I saw him in Sydney and his voice is as fabulous as ever. Ken being there was quite amazing as my beloved always said he would do anything for me except go to a Tom Jones concert – despite this he was singing, cheering loudly, and I even noticed a little bit of hip swaying going on – we may have a convert.

Sir Tom was the last act of the night and was the fitting end to an incredible day.

As we were leaving we had to spare a thought to the people who clean up as from experience the grounds will have been pristine by the time people arrived for Sunday’s performances.

So goodbye to Cornbury 2015, it was great and inshallah we’ll see you next year.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and be kind to yourself and others.

Pamela and Ken

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