A Kiss From A Rottweiler

Today was such a glorious day that I went walking with my beloved. We took Orinoco to Croxley Common Moor – this is an area of historic grassland covering 40 hectares. The river Gade runs through the moor and as it was warm day Ori went and stood in the water to cool off – I was tempted to join him.

Cattle graze on the moor in the summer to help maintain the right environment for the wild flowers to thrive in. Ori was a bit nervous of them so we kept them at a distance.

The wild flowers are beautiful – lots of different colours and sizes. Some of the flowers are tiny and on the opposite end of the scale are the thistles with their lovely big purple flowers.

Tiny butterfly
Red and black flutterbye that wouldn’t stay still for me

Wild roses

After Orinoco we went on to meet Ruby the Rottweiler – the reason for today’s title. She is such a beautiful girl and so friendly. We went onto Chorleywood Common and once we found a seat I stayed there to read whilst Ken and Ruby went for a walk.

Ruby and my beloved
As we were posing for a picture Ruby decided to turn and give me a kiss
This was the view from the seat I was reading on
Lovely trees
Cottage straight out of a fairy tale

Now the final sequence of photos show what happens when you try and take a selfie with a Rottweiler – do you think celebrities ever have these problems. The first one Ruby decides to steal the limelight, the second she decided to give my cheek a lick, and the third I think is a winner.

That was our day out in the sun – hopefully the weekend will be just as glorious.

Until next time be happy, stay safe, and hug an animal.

Pamela and Ken

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