It’s a dog’s life…

On Sunday(last week) the Harefield Dogs Trust held their summer fair which is a fun day out for those with two legs and four legs. This year, for the first time, we took Bertie Boo with us. It’s such a great event with dogs of all shapes and sizes – it always amazes me how well everyone gets on, and the dogs behave as well.

We arrived just in time to enter our gorgeous boy in the most dashing dog category of the fun dog show. Ken and Bertie paraded round the ring with a multitude of other dogs, and I know I’m biased but they were by far the most handsome pair in the competition.

Ken was interviewed by the lady that was compere for the event and the judge spoke to him to find out all he could about Bertie Boo – I think if it had been a female judge they would have had more of a chance of winning as Ken could have turned on the charm.

All the time we were there the stream of dogs and people coming in never stopped so hopefully the event raised a lot of money for the trust.

I think Bertie is wondering what on earth that wrinkly snuffly creature is?

I love seeing all the different breeds as there are some real cuteys – the puppy dog above looks like a cuddly toy – I should mention here that no matter how old a dog is I always call them a puppy as I’m sure inside that’s how they feel.

Apart from Bertie Boo my favourite breed currently is the French Bulldog and I wasn’t disappointed – look at the two below, so much character in such little bodies.

Above is a gang of Spaniels greeting each other – I should have videoed it as the wriggly excitement in each of their little bodies was pure joy.

The dog below is a bedlington terrior but we always call them lamb dogs as that’s what we think they look like.

As it was a lovely sunny day there were lots of bowls of water around the field so that the puppies could keep hydrated, and there were also kiddie paddling pools for our furry friends to cool off in. I just Loved this puppy as she looked so adorable in her pink t-shirt enjoying the water.

There were lots of different activities to take part in, including picking the winner of the ferret racing (the one in the yellow tunnel won), dog agility, and finding treats under skittles whilst being timed. Bertie and I tried that one and let’s just say we didn’t challenge the leader board.

We had a great time amongst all the pooches, but as it was quite warm the old boy started to flag a bit and as Bertie was hot as well we didn’t stay too long. Unfortunately we left before the golden oldie category in the show as I’m sure our Boo would have walked away with the prize.

We went to Harris and Hoole in Rickmansworth to cool down and I think Bertie Boo appreciated the coolness of the wooden floor.

So that was the Dog’s Trust summer fair in Harefield – next event, the Christmas fair.

Why don’t you see if any of the animal charities in your area have an event that you could support.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and hug an animal.

Pamela and Ken

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