Out for a Sunday drive…

Today we didn’t have a plan, just went out for a drive and ended up in lovely Chesham for lunch. Our eatery of choice was The Drawing Room which is part cafe, part art gallery, and venue for music gigs, writing groups, and backgammon competitions.

The food is fabulous, and we shared halloumi, falafel, squid, hummus, and pitta breads – a perfect Sunday lunch. The decor is eclectic with lots of colour and comfortable places to sit.

After lunch we went for a wander and happened upon a dear friend and her children so we went to Costa for a latte and a catch up. Ken entertained Abigail and Oscar whist Claire and I chatted – I’m not sure who had the most fun, Ken or the kidlets.

Following that lovely interlude we headed home but decided to stop at Rickmansworth Aquadrome to go for a walk along the canal which looked great in the sunshine.

As we started our walk we noticed that there was a filming crew near the farm on the other side – this farm is quite popular for filming. We didn’t see anyone famous but we could see that the actors were in period costume, so more Ken’s type of show than mine.

Film crew trailers over the fields
If you look really closely you can see the cameraman between the buildings

The narrow boats were as diverse as always, some having seen better days and others that were pristine. I thought rather than taking pictures of the whole boat I would show you some of the interesting things you see on the boats.

We always see lots of dogs along the tow path but I’m on the lookout for my feline friends. I thought our only evidence of any cats was going to be this sign….

But then we came across this beautiful narrow boat resident who was sleeping in the shade but after a bit of conversation she came over to say hi and allowed me to give her a pat.

All along the tow path there were flowers, places for the boaters to sit, and lots of baby birds including ducks, moor hens, and a gorgeous family of geese (I’m not a big fan of geese due to a childhood incident but these were far enough away not to scare me).

Another quirky thing along the path is a big monkey hanging off the ruins of an old building – it’s been there for as long as we’ve been going there so not sure how old it is.

Hanging monkey

One of the things we noticed along the canal is that there were quite a few very merry people (merry is a polite way of saying drunk as a skunk) sitting beside their boats enjoying the sun. They’re always very chatty to us as we walk past admiring their boats – here’s a couple of boats we liked.

We thought these people were quite brave naming their boat Titanic II – not to mention delusions of grandeur!
Loved the colour of this boat

We were doing our gongoozling again (see olderΒ PostΒ re this) and Ken showed his muscles by helping with the lock gates.

So that was our latest day out enjoying what the area has to offer and having fun together.

Until next time be happy, stay safe, and go for a wander in your local area.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture is a panda that was wandering around Covent Garden when I was there a couple of days ago – he kindly posed for me.

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