Pampered toes and dirty ears

As the weather gets warmer (despite the rain that’s currently pelting down) it’s time to get my tootsies ready for open toed shoes, so off I went to be pampered at Presence the spa in Watford. It’s such a treat and if you’ve never had a pedicure before then you should treat yourself at least once a year.

Naked toes
Hmmm, what colour to choose?
The bit of the treatment that I wish I could bring home to use in winter is the lovely heated booties – they’re not very fashionable but they are so toasty.
Very sexy booties
The lovely Louise made my feet feel very spoiled with buffing, cream, and a beautiful new outfit for summer.

My lovely cherry toes
After being pampered we called into the RSPCA charity shop to get a new blanket for Bertie and today there were two dogs in charge of the checkout – neither could be bothered waking up to say hello though that didn’t stop us from giving them some loving.

Look at that face – so cute

Now I bet you’re wondering about the dirty ears from todays post title – that’s where Bertie Boo comes in. He’s been complaining of a sore ear so we took him off to visit the lovely girls (and one trainee male) at Medivet to be checked over. I didn’t get my phone out quickly enough but you should have seen the look on his face when his temperature was taken – I think he felt violated. His ears were checked:

Then he had cleaning solution thoroughly massaged deep in his ears to the point that I nearly started crying because my Boo was crying so badly. He’s such a good dog, as despite being obviously in pain he still didn’t do anything apart from cry, no biting or growling. He deserves a special treat tonight for being such a brave boy. We have to put drops in his ears for three weeks and do the cleaning every three days – that’s the bit I’m not looking forward to.

So that’s todays adventures done – until next time, be good, keep smiling, and make sure you pamper yourself every now and then.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Bertie Boo smiling again.

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