Seeing how the other half live at Harrods

After leaving Kensington Gardens (see previous post) we decided to go ‘window’ shopping in Harrods – it’s nice to do just for the spectacle.

The store opened in 1849 and now has over 15 million customers a year – I’m sure quite a few of them are tourists like us (yes, we will always be tourists as neither of us are English).

The area around Harrods is always busy and yesterday there was a band performing outside so there was even more people around.

The store is so beautiful inside, with carved ceilings, statues, and amazing chandeliers in some of the rooms. The staff are immaculate, very helpful, and so polite.

Cosmetics was the first area we walked into – all fresh flowers and the lighting fixture is fab

The food halls are incredible and what always amazes us is that for some people (very rich people) Harrods is their regular food store. I just love how well laid out all the food is and it all looks scrummy – especially the cakes and chocolates. Here’s a selection of pictures I took.

These are really lovely containers full of tea

As it was Easter there were lots of chocolate eggs for sale – these were the most impressive with the two smaller ones costing £300 each and the middle one was £600.

I also really liked these cute little cakes – bunny rabbits in their beds.

In the fine jewellery and watches department I discovered very quickly that you’re not allowed to take pictures – I thought I was being very subtle but I was soon pounced upon by a lovely young man. I was trying to take a picture of a watch – it was lovely with a purple band and lots of diamonds, but not too blingy – it was only £300,000!!

We had a chat with one of the ladies behind the jewellery counters and discovered that the store is closed on only two days of the year – Easter Sunday and Christmas day. At least there’s still two days that are sacred in the year.

Whilst we were there we decided to be extravagant and treat ourselves to an ice cream sundae, but not just any sundae, a Harrods special. We had to queue for a little while as the ice cream parlour was very popular, but it was well worth the wait. It was opposite the pizza bar which had a singing chef – as he made the pizzas he sang opera.

Our sundae came complete with four flavours of ice cream, banana, strawberries, cream, chocolate sauce, and to top it all off, dry ice – it was fantabulous.


Here’s a few more shots from around the store so that you can imagine what it’s like to be there.

Ornate fish tank
Caviar – if you look closely you’ll see that the lids have diamontes on them

Very ornate Egyptian themed escalator area
I really liked this throw and cushions – the smallest one was £100
Ken found a couple of friends
Very funky chair and antler head

When we got outside there was a bit of a kerfuffle going on near the road so of course I squeezed through to see what all the excitement was about. Well, as you can see it was a car with a couple of posers in it – the ultimate boy toy. Ken wasn’t impressed as it was a bit too modern for him. As usual I resorted to my good friend Google to find out if gold Ferraris are very common and apparently this one is owned by a kickboxer.

Gold Ferrari

We wandered down the street to Harvey Nichols (sweety, darling) to admire their window displays as they’re always spectacular. Here’s a few shots of cats, we think monkeys, and a lizard all made out of clothing scraps.

These mannequins are surrounded by everyday objects making art – I especially like the second one which is surrounded by toy soldiers, watches, felt tip pens, and bow ties.

Ken trying to make himself look big so people didn’t walk between me and the windows

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing one of the posher parts of London and if you’re ever in London I would recommend a visit to Harrods.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and look after each other.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Selfie of the day.

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