The Sahara comes to town

Sahara dust – that’s the new phrase for this week that the weatherman has taught us. Apparently the wind and the atmosphere have combined to bring a large portion of the desert to the UK. What it means for us is a very dirty car, which as you can imagine did not please my car mad husband.

Dirty car

Today was a nice day off so I went for a walk with my beloved and I also got to meet a lovely kitty cat called Sasha – such a sweetheart who licks and chews your fingers as you’re patting her, and also likes to lick and chew my hair. She’s a tabby with a ginger tip to her tail – so cute.

Glad to see that our cats aren’t the only ones that drink from the tap

During our walk we came across some Alms Houses in Rickmansworth – they date from the 1800’s. Alms houses date from the 10th century (or that’s the earliest record of one) and were for people in need – they were looked after by the monasteries. Today they are often for the elderly but still are for people in need and there is a national association of alms houses. The majority are laid out the same, a horseshoe shape around a garden so that the inhabitants don’t feel isolated.

As always I had to stop for a latte along with a scrummy Portuguese tart – Harris and Hoole which we love.

When we got home Ken introduced me to the new love of his life – yes, it’s a car.

It’s a Triumph Herald born in 1967, so it’s even older than me. Needless to say it needs a little bit of work done so is going to keep him busy for a few years. I’m guessing that the next year may feature a few visits to auto jumbles in an attempt to find car parts.

It’s been a lovely day as any day spent with my gorgeous husband is. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and look after each other.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture is of our lounge room during earth hour – candles and a camp lantern.

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