Breakfast at the Shard

As a treat for my beloved I took him for breakfast at the Shard in London, which is the tallest building in western Europe.

On our journey in on the underground a very nice young man offered Ken his seat – now Ken would like you to believe that he did this because he could see how in love we are and thought we should sit together (we’ll let him keep thinking that and not that it was an age thing).

We weren’t able to book a specific table but joy oh joy we had a window seat. The restaurant, Aquashard, is on the 31st floor,and the viewing floors are 68 – 72, so we weren’t quite halfway. I always love seeing London from different angles as it gives you a whole new perspective of the city.

We both could have sat there all day enjoying the view and watching the hubbub below. Now the photo of us above was a bit of a saga – we asked a waitress to take a picture of us with the view in the background but she sort of just took us (we even got another girl to take one and she did the same thing) so I’ve cropped it so you’re not distracted by our lower halves. You can see that we’re sat right at the window.

Breakfast was really scrummy and served in a lovely way. Ken was typically healthy (and Scottish) and ordered porridge with chia seeds (which looks alarmingly like frog spawn) and I had a croissant.

Here are a few more shots of the view for you to enjoy – thankfully it was a lovely clear morning.

Our second courses were eggs and soldiers and fruit bread.

Now you may have noticed that some times I will include a picture of bathrooms at restaurants at the end of the blog – not today, this bathroom deserves a special feature. It was quite spectacular!! The walls were mirrored and of course there was a view. It was quite disconcerting in the cubicles as these were totally mirrored as well.

I even made Ken take the phone into the men’s bathroom to take a picture of the urinals with a view.

It was a really nice way to start the day, enjoying a new experience with my beloved, one that we will definitely be repeating again.

When we were leaving we noticed some men doing a job that looked a little bit terrifying, and that’s an understatement. They were washing the windows, outside!!

To get a good outside picture of the Shard we would’ve had to be a long way away so instead I took one looking up from the bottom.

So that’s our trip to the Shard – one of the staff said that if we’re going to come for the view that it’s best to do at night to really appreciate the magic of London.

Until next time, enjoy life, take care of each other, and do something nice for the planet.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Socks of the day.

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