Shropshire history

Day two of our weekend in Shropshire and we were out and about exploring some of the history of the area and of course a graveyard had to feature – it wouldn’t be me otherwise.  We visited Stokesay Castle which dates from the 1200’s and next to it is a lovely church and graveyard.  It’s amazing the age of some of the buildings that we can visit in this country and I love touching the walls and imagining the lives that have gone before.
Below are some pictures of grave stones that I liked and a picture of the Church of St John the Baptist – whilst we were there a wedding was in progress so we got to hear the church bells which was lovely.

I really liked this Celtic Cross – very eye catching

Stokesay Castle is more an elaborate manor house than a castle as it was built by a rich merchant, not for a royal family.  The wooden carvings around the building are amazing, especially that they have survived so long – I’ve included a few for you to see.

On our way back to Clun we called into a mini festival that was going on around a local food hall – one of the stalls was Alpacas and how good they are for wool.  The three alpacas they had there were gorgeous and had such pretty faces.

Now the next few photos are especially for mum as in Clun they had converted the hairdressers into a quilt exhibition.  I was talking to the couple that were displaying the quilts and shock horror they had actually been to Tasmania – the man was very cheeky though as his comment about Tasmania was:  Didn’t everything stop in Tasmania in the 50’s!  Cheek!!

Okay, that’s day two done and dusted – look forward to more graveyards, Morris dancers, and you may finally get to see the Green Man.

Until next time, stay safe, keep smiling and look after each other.

Pamela & Ken

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