Whitstable weekend

Last weekend we went to Whitstable which is a lovely fishing port on the Kent coast, staying one night in a lovely bed & breakfast (I was with my two favourite men again – Ken & Bertie).  Thankfully the sun shone all weekend and once you got out of the wind it was really lovely – lots of people out and about soaking up some proper sunshine.
All along the wharf are little shops, cafes, and a fish market – we ate at one of the outside cafes so that Bertie was okay – lots of other dogs out and about as well, including two gorgeous little French Bulldogs who were so cute I had to pat them and have a bit of a chat.

The B & B we stayed in was really lovely, with beautiful old furniture and great food at breakfast – I think Bertie liked it as he didn’t disturb us at all during the night – but, can I just ask, how is the pose below comfortable??  He had a lovely blanket to sleep on and this was one of his chosen resting spots.

Gorgeous guest lounge – I could live in this room with the fireplace and the piano – just out of sight is an old juke box.

The thing that Bertie Boo enjoyed the most was that he got to go swimming – he loves getting in the sea.  The first time we ever took him to the beach it took us ages to get him in as he wasn’t so sure of the water, but now we can’t get him out.

After Bertie had had a good swim and Ken and I had done lots of beach combing, finding lots of sea glass, we had to get Bertie to sit in the sun for a while to try and dry him off and to warm him up as the sea must have been freezing.

So that was our flying visit to Whitstable – nice bit of sunshine, beach combing, good food, and fabulous company – definitely a soul recharging weekend.
Until next time be good, stay safe, and enjoy life.

Pamela & Ken

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