Scotland Family

I am so behind with my posts – fault of a rotten cold/cough that has lasted for over a month now – so lots to catch up on.

During November we went to Nairn (in the north of Scotland, not far from Inverness) and spent a three day weekend with the clan McCamon – Ken’s sister Jean and her three men (husband and two boys, not a very weird menage a quatre). 

When we left Gatwick airport our plane was delayed due to thick fog, but once we flew past the border of England with Scotland the skies cleared and we had beautiful weather – really clear which was nice as we could see the snow on the mountains.

Even though it was a flying visit it was still lovely as it’s nice to get out of the rat race and spend time in the proper country, or as Ken would say, God’s own country.  We went for a couple of walks whilst there, one where we ended up at an adults outside exercise area – I think these are such a good idea – free to use and the benefits of fresh air.  We all had a go on the various machines, though I’m sure you all know my aversion to exercise so I didn’t do too much.

Jean – watch out the rowing team at Rio 2016


Ken looking very determined


Jean – looking way to happy to be doing exercise


Murray & Uncle Ken

Further on in our walk we came across some very unusual animals for the Highlands of Scotland – I think they’re a rare breed that they are trying to introduce to the area.

Fergie trying to tame one of the beasts

Now of course we did manage to do some shopping and I’m now going to share with you one of my favourite things to make shopping into a day of fun – dressing my beloved up in silly hats and taking photos of him!!  Try it yourself sometime – it’s a great laugh.

Doesn’t he look gorgeous??
So a flying visit, but as always a wonderful one and hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re together again.
That’s all for today, but I will be catching up with recent fun over the next few days in preparation for Christmas – the most wonderful day of all.
Stay safe and keep smiling
Pamela & Ken (aka beloved)

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