Pamper day

Have I told you lately how wonderful my husband is??  Well he is fantabulous!!  A few days ago he told me I had to keep Saturday afternoon free as he had booked me a personal M.O.T (for the non-British amongst you that is the yearly car check that happens in this country).

So Saturday afternoon I went to the spa at Presence in Watford and had a wonderful facial which included a foot massage, shoulder massage, and arm massage, and then I had a pedicure and got my toe nails painted a lovely red colour befitting of Autumn.

The waiting/relaxing room in the spa

Scary makeup free face after my facial

My newly painted nails

My gorgeous husband (note the beard)

It was a really lovely treat and I felt thouroughly pampered.

That’s it for now – just a quick one today, but longer tomorrow as we went to the Mind, Body, & Soul experience today and there’s lots to tell there.

Be good, and keep smiling.

Pamela & Ken

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