Wednesday Hodgepodge: Falling for everything

It’s time for the Wednesday Hodgepodge with a set of questions set by Joyce From This Side of the Pond. This post comes with a health warning and a very random thought at the end.

Warning, Warning – this blog post contains extremely mushy romantic stuff!  

1. What’s something you’d rate a 10/10? Tell us why.

Before I met my beloved I always said that I was never getting married with there being several reasons for this, including that I really didn’t think I’d ever find anyone to live up to my romantic dreams. Was I wrong!! Ken is a definite 10/10 for me (yes Ken, you are) and I can’t remember what it was like not to have him in my life. Admittedly no one in this world is perfect, but my beloved is perfect for me.

2. What job would you be terrible at? What makes you think so?

I asked my beloved this question and his response, I’d be a terrible spider hunter!! Is that even a job? 

I know I would be a terrible waitress as I can be a little bit clumsy (see answer to #3). Picture customers with food tipped all over them and broken plates everywhere. I’d also be a dreadful vet nurse, purely because I’d want to take all the abandoned animals home with me.

3. When did you last take a fall? What’s something you’re falling for (in a good way) these days?

This is an easy answer – June 3rd this year. I did an extremely elegant (not) swan dive out of the shower and ended up in accident and emergency with damaged ligaments in my leg, my wrist, multiple bruises over my body, and had to have three weeks off work. I have a bit of a falls history and have done the dive out of the shower before (in a different home), taking down the shower curtain and railing, and bouncing quite nicely off the toilet. I’ve fallen down stairs, up stairs, over bollards in a carpark, tripped over a baby gate, slipped on ice, and fallen whilst rollerskating (this being the only time I’ve broken a bone). Sometimes I think I should start wearing a suit of bubble wrap before I leave the house.

I’m always falling for my beloved and thank lady destiny every day that we managed to find each other in this huge world (I even included that statement in my wedding vows).

4. According to the Travel Channel here are some of America’s best fall festivals-

National Apple Harvest Festival (near Arendtsville PA, close to Gettysburg), Harvest on the Harbor (Portland Maine), German Village Festival (Columbus Ohio), Wellfleet Oyster Fest (Cape Cod), and Wine and Chile Fiesta (Santa Fe NM)

Have you ever been to any of the festivals listed? Which one appeals to you most? Does your hometown have any sort of fall celebration, and if so will you make it a point to attend?

We’ve never been to any of these festivals, but after checking out their websites, the one I would like to go to is the Harvest on the Harbor in Maine – it looks really interesting. We don’t have any specifically Autumn/Fall celebrations that I’m aware of, but I’m always on the lookout for interesting things going on around the highlands.

5. What is your goodbye message to summer?

My message for summer is that she needs to not be a stranger and to consider coming back earlier next year and to definitely stay for longer.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

It fascinates me how Highland Cows appeal to so many people, me included. Just along from our house is a field with three highland cows and it is in front of a large hotel, so regularly we see people trying to get photos of the cows. The day we stopped to have a chat and take some photos there was a tour bus drive past with the guide pointing at the field and everyone on that side of the bus pointing their cameras at the cows. I think it must be something about their fringes that make them look a bit like a giant soft toy.

What would your answers be to the questions, especially #2 – something to think about. Before you go, pop over to Joyce’s Blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and make sure you’re gentle with yourself this week.

Pamela & Ken

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge: Falling for everything

  1. Oh my goodness, but reading about your falls made me feel a little better about my own clumsiness! I hope you've made a full recovery from the one you took in June. I loved reading all of your answers. I've never been to your corner of the internet, and I must admit that you made me smile (and even chuckle a bit). Have a lovely day!


  2. I'm glad you liked my answers and I'm very glad I made you smile. Yes, nearly fully recovered from my latest disaster – just the odd twinge now and then to remind me that I'm not indestructible.


  3. I think I would be a terrible waitress too,,, I would be so afraid I would drop something on someone. looks like we both have wonderful husbands, I am so thankful my dh and I found each other! Thank you for sharing.Blessings


  4. I'd definitely drop food on someone and I could never carry as many empty plates away from a table as most wait staff do. Life is so special with a wonderful husband. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I read your post and then decided to go out and get the newspaper from the box. It is still dark here early in the morning. When I came back in I felt something on my neck and swatted it off. Then I had to search on the cork flooring to find it – no easy task. It was a spider! Yo jinxed me, lol. I must have walked through a web on the front porch.I would also be a terrible waitress cause I can't stand folks who whine and complain about everything. We have a lot of that around here. I'd never get any tips.


  6. I hate it when I walk through a spiderweb – I act a bit demented trying to get it off me and hoping there isn't a spider on me. Sorry for jinxing you.Yes, that's the other thing that would be awful about being a waitress as I've heard people be so rude to them and I'm not sure I could bite my tongue enough. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Pamela,I enjoyed your answers. I'm delighted you found your soulmate and that your hubby is a \”10\”, as well. Not everyone woman can say that, either. We're blessed, aren't we? 😉 I would not be a spider hunter but a spider killer. I really hate insects, especially the 8-legged type which we have an abundance of in and around our home. Why they are so good to even build a web over our entrance each night for DH to walk through…but, he's more clever than they first realized. For years now, he leaves the house with a magic wand (fanned sheets of newspaper) in hand to tear the webs down so to not be covered. 🙂 I haven't seen a Highland Cow before. I'm not sure if there are any in the states or not but then I'm not into dairy farming. I'm more into dairy eating. I love, love ice cream! Yum! Anywho, the Highland Cow looks like a moppy top 60s rock star. 😀 Maybe the Highland Cow is the inspiration for that hair style trend, what do you think? Have a funtastic weekend and thanks for popping in for a visit, my friend!


  8. I'm going to have to get myself one of those magic wands as they sound fantastic. 🙂 I realise everyday how lucky I am to say that about my beloved and he is always on my gratitude list.The Highland Cows are a bit like rock stars as people gravitate towards them and want to take photos of them.Thanks for visiting and have a great day.


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