Top Ten Thursdays – Things to know about me

Top ten Thursdays and the topic this week is things to know about me to make knowing me easier!! This really stumped me at first, but once I came up with number ten it was plain sailing from there. Just to add that the list is in no particular order apart from number one.

10: There is only one Aussie Rules team in my world and that is Carlton, the mighty Blues who are one of the original teams for the Victorian Football League that later became the Australian Football League. Carlton began in 1864 and are the best team ever and if you think otherwise then you are wrong – just saying. Especially if you support that awful team that plays in black and white (Collingwood) who are our arch enemies. I’ve supported the blues since I can remember and even though they are going through many years of being towards the bottom of the ladder, I still support them as they are a part of who I am – click the arrow below to hear the fabulous theme song but just remember the music is from 1898 and the lyrics were written in the late 1920’s.

9: I was one of those aunts that made her too cute for words nephew (who is now in his 20’s) wear the t-shirt that said “if you think I’m cute you should see my aunty” I’m sure I bought him more than one size of this – I’m so sorry Jake. Is it wrong to think that if I could get one of these t-shirts now in his size I’d still make him wear it?

8: Whenever I see beautiful dresses in the disney shop, like the one below, I always ask Ken if he thinks they do the dress in my size – my inner princess is crying out for a pretty, sparkly, pink dress. I’m sure this is the dress that Penny wears in the episode of Big Bang Theory where the girls go to Disneyland and dress up as princesses.

7: I love coffee!! It is my wake up feel happy potion and my beloved delivers it to me of a morning with appropriate reverence. I love latte art that you get in nice cafe’s as it adds to the whole ritual of drinking the magic beans (it also helps if you have a sweet treat alongside). I don’t like it too strong and I really don’t like it too hot – I know, I can be a bit fussy when it comes to coffee but it’s worth it, as if you get it right you’ll have a very happy Pamela in your presence.

6: I am a little obsessed with cats. I read a great t-shirt once that had the slogan “one cat short of crazy” and I think that is probably me. We’re very lucky to be parents to two adorable brats, Cookie and Muffin who have shared our lives for twelve and a half years. So when you come to visit me be aware that there will be furbies roaming around and there will be fur on the furniture.

5: I never used to be a dog person but my beloved totally converted me years ago when he brought home police dog Bertie, who with one look of his soulful brown eyes won me over. Our precious Bertie Boo died two years ago and we have finally opened our hearts to an adorable cocker spaniel called Bramble (Jelly Sassy Pants). If you ever see me without animal fur on my clothes it probably means that I’ve stayed the night somewhere else.

Bertie and Ken
4: I love rocks and probably have way too many around the house but I can’t help myself. I read an article years ago about how rocks travel around the world through natural movement – I personally think it’s because of people like me who pick them up, take them home, and then eventually return them to the wild when they seem to be taking over the house.

3: I believe in fairies so please don’t scoff and roll your eyes when I talk about them or when you see the fairy doors in my home. There are fairies throughout our home and I was lucky enough to go the the New Forest Fairy Festival in 2015 to commune with like minded people.

2: I used to wear glasses that were incredibly large and took over my whole face. Also, they had plastic inserts so that you could change the colour of the rims – that was me, high fashion. Please don’t ask a person with glasses if they’ve thought about having laser surgery as it implies that you don’t like their glasses and besides, who wants a laser in their eye? I have it on good authority that my beloved really likes my glasses and that’s all that matters.

Me and Hazel

1: The one thing that I think everyone knows about me is that I’m married to my best friend and the man of my dreams. I am grateful everyday for the life I get to lead with my beloved and I will tell you how wonderful he is on a regular basis.

So there you have it, ten things about me. Why don’t you hop over to Tamara’s blog, Confessions of a part-time working mom, and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with in their lists – click HERE to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and take time today to think of all the wonderful things that make you uniquely you.

Pamela & Ken

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays – Things to know about me

  1. I don't ever thought about being a princess but when see princess dresses, I wonder how they would look on me, isn't that what most girls and even woman think about plus who can resist beautiful dresses and gowns?; I like fairies, it's their wings that really attracts me; eyeglasses, I think contacts and laser surgery are a bit scary when you think about them but glass, they are wonderful.have a lovely day.


  2. You rocked this post so much, Pamela!Maybe it is because I knew next to nothing about you, except that you like to participate in blogging challenges, and now you're an open book ;-)PS: what is a fairy door? Like for cats, but for fairies?


  3. I love love love your post! You sound like someone I could be great friends with. All your furbabies are beautiful!! I am not a super girly girl, but I would LOVE a sparkly princess dress!!! Your fairy outfit was AMAZING!!! I seriously want to build a fairy garden!!! ❤ Great list!!! Also… COFFEE!!!!


  4. Aww! #1 makes me so happy! Also, fyi, just watched The Big Bang Theory Disney episode because of your list. 🙂 I had no idea kids could get made up with hair/makeup/clothes like that at at Disneyland! It's a good thing I'm too old for that experience, because it would be fun! 🙂


  5. Thanks Tamara – I found doing the list really fun once I got started. A fairy door is a small door that you put against a wall in your home or a tree in your garden as a place for the fairies to use. My doors post in the A to Z challenge features one.


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